Grafted is a new direction of orchestral metal- beautiful four-part female and male harmonies, dueling violins and searing double-guitar leads sit atop a truly earth-shaking rhythm section. The fresh, alluring melodies have already caught the ears of a surprising diverse audience.

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What I Need

Written By: Jason Birdwell, Jennifer Seale

Heavy darkness all around me
Chains of black steel bind though unseen
And I'm shackled to my pain and fears

I've been sweating and bleeding
I've been hurting, lost needing
Digging this hole with my tears

Shake this torture off my soul
Only Your touch can make me whole
Ooh- hear my plea
A friend is what I need

You'll relate to what I'm feeling
Block the hurting, I need healing
Soothe me daily 'til I'm clear

You delved through the rusted ground
I'm saved, I can't explain how but now
It's so easy to see why you
Paid for us
Were betrayed for us
You attained our trust
Now your aid's a must

I need a friend


"Mar Shabach" - EP

Set List

1. Revive
2. Our Call
3. I Will Run
4. Every Time
5. Grafted
6. Love Again
7. All
8. What I Need