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Graham Childs

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"Great and Splendid. 5 stars!"

Another trick out of Grahams bag! This is truly a treasure to keep. From the very start Graham has paved a road to success. I highly reccomend.

(A 5 star review of the Still Standing EP) - Mark Raymond Cubbage


Something (2005) (out of print)
1. Something
2. Loss of Words
3. Be
4. Don't Wanna Go
5. Nothing On Me
6. Pocket Change
7. November Night

Still Standing EP (2006)
1. Still Standing
2. In Two
3. Georgia
4. Over Coffee
5. Destin
6. Lost



“Well it’s certainly not what we expected” Graham’s father said with a huge grin on his face after hearing his sons’ first album “Something.” “Unexpected” has been the theme of the career of the singer/songwriter Graham Childs ever since. Graham spent every day of high school in uniform at a prep-school in the south, but behind the bow tie and penny loafers was a well of creativity and passion that no one expected. Even in his earliest songs, Graham was able to wrap words around and put a melody to many confusing parts of the human experience. Graham has a unique ability to convey situations with great emotional honesty while never abandoning faith and hope. His songs are a testament to the courage it takes to look life in the face and hope for everyone to be able to reclaim at least some of their innocence. His music is inspired by artists such as Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, Bethany Dillon, Caedmon’s Call, and Jars of Clay. During the 2006 recording of the “Still Standing” EP the youthful energy of Graham’s songs was harnessed, and with the help of Nashville producer Mark Drury, Graham was able to make the vision he had for his music a reality. When asked about the story behind one of his songs he replied that the songs worth playing are the ones that aren’t just his story but the ones that anyone can relate to. Whether it be the heart ache of a break up, the anticipation and mystery of a new relationship, or the helplessness of watching those around us suffer, Graham’s songs are for anyone who risks living and loving in an imperfect world.
-Corrie Flynn 7.29.06