Graham Cousens

Graham Cousens

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Graham Cousens has released “Living Room Sessions,” a collection of great songs recorded entirely at home. The record delivers what few do – a cohesive yet diverse collection of really good tracks. In the age of mp3s, singles, and throwaway shorts, Graham Cousens has released an album of songs.


Graham is originally from Detroit where he was part of two of the most locally renowned bands of the 1990s, the Vudu Hippies and Tyrone’s Power Wheel.

Having released a number of indie-label CDs, worked in some of the world’s best recording studios including A&M Records, worked with some of the world’s most respected creators of film and music (including Al Maysles), and having appeared with acts as diverse as Kid Rock, George Clinton, Peter Wolf, the Wallflowers, Weezer, MC 900ft Jesus, Morphine, Juliana Hatfield and others at such legendary venues as CBGB and St. Andrew’s Hall, Graham is no stranger to the music business.

“Growing up in Detroit, I loved music regardless of era, make or model. I grew my hair, joined a heavy band, and played nice loud music for a while.

A few years ago, I left my band, packed my guitar away, and moved to Chicago. And I didn’t play again until my ears stopped ringing.

When I did, I started writing the kinds of songs I used to love. And so began ‘Living Room Sessions.’ I tried to write good, simple songs with melodies you can hum.

I hope you’ll give it a spin.” - Graham


Comfort Me

Written By: Graham Cousens

I live next door
It's not too far away
It's a walk for you
And a leap for me in stride

It fills me up
It's not too far to fly
Only you
Could make me stay inside

Come to
Comfort me
Pick me up before you lay me down

I can't decide
If I'm too up or down
It's a leave for you
No good for me this time

It stays in me
The thought of jumping down
It's only me
Alone here in my room

Come to
Comfort me
Pick me up before you lay me down

I live inside
It's not too bad you know
Save a few
Hard days and time to serve

It works both ways
I'm safe and so are you
But I'd rather feel the ground
Beneath my feet

Come to
Comfort me
Pick me up before you lay me down


2005 - "Living Room Sessions" - Spade Kitty Records

Set List

45 minutes of the entire debut album, plus encore.