Graham Isaacson

Graham Isaacson


Singer-songwriter originals in the folk-rock style. Similar to Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits.


To categorize Graham Isaacson as a typical singer-songwriter, one would be missing the point. On his debut, ‘Memories in Shadows’, Portland, Maine-based indie singer/songwriter Graham Isaacson sounds like an old soul. His Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen-inspired music evokes feelings of intimacy, truth, and heartfelt emotion. His straight-from-the-heart lyrics would make most think he’s been around the block more than the rest of us. And yet at 23, it’s clear his gifts have only just begun.

Graham Isaacson began his interest in music as a piano-noodling toddler and began writing his first songs as a teenager. “When I first heard David Grey’s ‘White Ladder’ and Smashing Pumpkins ‘Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness,’ it completely changed my way of thinking. That’s when I started to write pretty seriously.” You can still hear traces of both of those artists in Issacson’s current setlist. Once Graham ventured off to college, his songwriting became all-consuming. “That’s when I realized I wanted to be a performer.” He’s been performing ever since and, in the process, amassed a respectable local following and a sizable MySpace fanclub as well.

‘Memories In Shadows’ was produced by Melodrome’s Robby Baier at SubStation Recording in Housatonic, Massachusetts. Recorded in an old train station, ‘Memories In Shadows’ manages to be both sweeping and beautifully raw in its delivery, with Graham’s voice and lyrical guitar lines often taking center stage. In fact, it’s exactly those qualities that contributed to Graham landing Second place honors in the 2006 International Songwriting Competition (ISC), no easy feat considering the who’s who panel of judges: Tom Waits, Norah Jones, Joss Stone, and LeAnn Rimes. It’s also worth mentioning that the ISC received close to 50,000 entries from 82 countries throughout the world, of which Graham’s was one. American Idol be damned.

Graham’s uniqueness and dedication have also gained him the notice and respect of another of Portland, Maine’s notable residents—Ray LaMontagne. “He’s been really supportive and we’ve become good friends.” They’ve also written a few songs together that “will hopefully be on the next album.” Graham has also recently begun co-writing with other established brethren like Joey Degraw, Jeff Cohen, and the Spin Doctor’s Chris Barron. At 23, an old soul indeed.


Pourin' Rain

Written By: Graham Isaacson

You left your name on my window sill, but your forgot to leave your number. And even though I hardly know you, I feel like after just one night we were meant to be together.
And I’ll wait for you in the pourin‘ rain all day. Still I’ll wait for you in the pourin’ rain all day. All day.
Nobody ever played me like you did. Baby, you sang to me a love song. The way you turned my engage button on. And now I’ve got a fuse for you that is never going wrong.
And I‘ll wait for you in the pourin’ rain all day. Still I‘ll wait for you in the pourin’ rain all day. All day.
Waiting for you. Waiting for you. Smiling for you. I am smiling. Waiting for you. Waiting for you. Smiling for you. I am smiling in the roaring thunder. And I‘ll wait for you in the pourin’ rain all day. Still I smile on you in the pourin’ rain.


Graham Isaacson - 'Memories In Shadows' (Sinister Muse Records/Empyrean Records - 2007)

Set List

Beauty Love
Fix You
Found A Star
What's The Point
So Please
Room In My Chevy
Crush (Into The Fire)
Ain't For Sale
Just Bare With It
Final Code
Okay With You
Don't Fall Apart on Me Tonight
If You're Leavin'
Words Mean Nothing to Her
Last Nights Moon
Wait For You
Just Waiting
Cheated Me
Love Of My Days
Fallen Down
Cry An Ocean For You
Few Nights
For This Is
Help Pack My Bags