Graham MacRae

Graham MacRae


Music that somehow manages to be just as pretty and light in execution as it is uneasy and dark in tone, played by a fan (but not a devotee) of the lost art of finger picking. The songs pay great attention to structure and arrangement without losing the connection to emotion.


LA based singer-songwriter Graham MacRae started on the guitar when he was 13, played in some bands throughout college and recorded a one-man 4 track cassette album in 1998, but it wasn't until recently that he hit upon the fingerpicking style that guided his newest musical direction, evident in his vulnerable but sinewy self titled new LP. Influenced by everything from Jimmy Page to John Fahey (and a creeping fascination with the works of Eno and Robert Wyatt), MacRae eschewed the traditional singer songwriter tropes of strumming chords for something more complex and less confining. Explains MacRae: "Fingerpicking feels mathematical. It feels like something to figure out. I want my songs to be fun to play, and I really don't find most strumming very compelling. I don't want to make that strummy singer-songwriter-y coffee shop stuff." After diving back into music after a period of inactivity, MacRae has been fingerpicking almost exclusively. Adds MacRae, "Now when I pick up an electric guitar I feel like I almost don't even know what to do with it."


On Your Marks - EP
Self Titled - LP

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Set List

On Your Marks, Daddy Don't Mind, Hollywood, Who Will You Be Talking To?, I Can't Trust You, Dirty and Down, Wedding Wind, Things Couldn't Be Better

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