Graham Murray

Graham Murray


To my ears, Graham has a very unique voice reminiscent of some of Country Music's greats such as John Conlee, Conway Twitty and Josh Turner. There is no way to confuse his voice in the myriad of Country Music's male vocalists, many who tend to have very similar styles and voices. When you hear a Graham Murray song, you know who is singing it - if you don't, you will want to find out


The first memory Graham has as a child was living on a farm in Co Wexford, Ireland. Even during those early years Graham loved singing and taking part in the local talent competitions called "Opportunity Knocks" Both of his parents loved listening to both Irish & American Country music and his sister played the accordion and so it is no surprise that Graham grew up with an interest in Country Music.

Over the years Graham continued listening to American Country Music and as he got older would often get up on stage with live bands and sing a few songs. However it wasn't until October 2010 that Graham decided to pursue a career as a Country Artist.

Every October in Wexford the Opera Festival takes place and lasts for a few weeks. The "Singing & Swinging Pubs" is part of this festival and involves a number of Bars/Pubs in Wexford, who arrange to provide a nights entertainment using local singers / musicians. Judges attend each Bar and decide on which Bar has provided the best nights entertainment. In October 2010 Graham was asked to take part in this Festival which he agreed to. Up until this point Graham had never thought about pursuing a career in music, but it was during this time he met a number of musicians and singer/songwriters and once again remembered what it was like to be involved in the "musical world"

Not long after taking part in the Festival, Graham wrote as a nice birthday present for his girlfriend. Soon after, Graham contacted one of the musicians he had met during the Festival, Mick Egan, and asked if he could help record the song which he called "Fly on By". Graham continued writing and recording further songs over a 12 months period.

He has since started a band “Graham Murray & The Rusty Stringz” and has a band profile on both and Facebook. Then in September 2012 Graham contacted Stephen Wrench from Musik & Film with a view to releasing and promoting his songs. Graham has since signed a record deal with Musik & Film and together they are releasing his debut EP in January 2013. The EP was mixed / mastered by veteran producer Jeff Silverman from Palette Studio in Nashville. A number of very talented musician’s helped make the EP, musicians such as Troy Klontz, Steve Stokes, Tim Lorsch, Debra Lyn, Mick Egan & Shane Jordan.

Graham’s music has picked up airplay from radio stations in Europe, USA, Canada and Canada and he is currently in the process of shooting a video to be shown on Sky Music Channel “Showcase”

All songs from the EP are now available for download from various providers such as iTunes, Amazon etc, with plans to release a CD later in the year.

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Debut EP released in January 2013 .