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Surrender To You

Written By: Graham Rix

Surrender To You

I wait again to see your sweet, sweet smile
I love the way you make that sacrifice
You lay your heart out on the table

And how I've longed to find a heart that's true
And when I find I'm finally free in you
I'll lay my heart out like an ocean

I'll let my heart come undone deep inside of you
Perfumed with great clouds of incense, I burn for you
Here are my ashes, they long for your essence to make them true
I will surrender to you

I saw the morning star at dawn with you
Warm in my heart, which I entrusted to
Your hands as I began to feel you call

How I've longed to feel your warmth in me
Warm like the feeling that I had when we
Smiled at each other in the new church hall

I've learned to run naked before you in your garden
Under the stars while we wait for the sun to come,
Come that day

I'll touch your breast with feathered fingertips
Brush that feather gently accross your lips
Caress them softly with a whispered kiss
Speak that whisper to remember this

Shivering here in these moments surrendering
Touched by this sketch of perfection that's yet to come,
Come that day...I will surrender to you

Here I am for your eye's behold
I'll learn to love you with the barest soul
Let's lay it all out for each other

I will surrender
I will surrender
I will you