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Graham's Number

Canton, Georgia, United States

Canton, Georgia, United States
Rock Reggae


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This band has not uploaded any videos




This Georgia-based trio—two hair farmers and a hairless dude on drums—were yesterday’s sweet surprise. There’s always more college kids looking for a good time, so there’s always more college bands finding an audience, and Graham’s Number found it. They blasted through a super-tight 40-minute set on the Tire Kingdom Stage yesterday, appealing to the tie-dye wearers on the lawn, of which there were many of all ages. Playing a rocking reggae-funk amalgam, they were noodly and rubbery in a classical jam-band-ish way. They featured mostly originals but dropped in a goony, energized cover of “Ghostbusters”—spot on except for changing the shouted chorus to the band’s name. Apparently their guitarist drove from Georgia straight to SunFest to make their gig. We're glad they did! - Jonathan Zwickel

"Anderson, South Carolina"

"Saw A NEW up and coming band called Graham's Number at 37 Main with a fresh sound. Really positive groove! These 3 young dudes have a boat load of talent!!! When you really enjoy a band with their own songs before sound check is even done, you know its good stuff! Thanks Original Nick NY for yet again another great night of GREAT Entertainment!" - Brad McCurley

"Pro North Studios"

“Graham’s Number has the best sound to come out of Atlanta in the last ten years. They are destined for greatness!" - Johnny N

" Phish Camp Festival"

“You just have to see this band…They are amazing!”
- K. James

" Sugar Hill Concerts"

“This young band is unbelievable!” - Andy McQuagge

"Professional Coach"

"Once you see Grahams Number, you can't forget them......they look good, sound good and stay with you long after the playing stops.......Treat yourself and go see them! They are the best!"
- Jerry Glanville

"PointofOrigin Productions"

“The sound is new, and refreshing each time you hear them play. Nic and Andy own the stage with a unique presence and authority. Their talent radiates multitudes during each performance regardless of venue or crowd without difficulty.” - D. Orr

"Atlanta Magazine"

After four grueling weeks of competition, Atlanta rock trio Graham's Number will represent our city in the nationals of the annual Hard Rock Cafe's Battle of the Bands competition. With a crazy amount of crowd support, tight musicianship and a spirited stage show at the Hard Rock Cafe downtown early Friday morning, Graham's Number squeaked out a win with their deft blend of old school Jimi Hendrix-era rock, soul and reggae influences.

Most astonishingly, only one out of the three kids in the act could legally drink inside the bar. Guitarist and vocalist Nic Sanders and drummer Brandon McKinney are just 20-years-old while bassist Andy Scherm is the elder of the act at 21. Sanders and Scherm met as students at Osborne High School while McKinney graduated from Pope High School.

The winners of the national competition will open for Bon Jovi in Hyde Park in London later this year. Band Battle judge and Ticket Alternative president Iain Bluett told us privately: "They would just be the perfect band to listen to outside in the sun in Hyde Park out of all the acts we saw tonight." - Richard Eldridge

"Hard Rock Cafe Battle of the Bands"

ATLANTA, GA. – April 22, 2011: Graham's Number, a band of incredible young musicians from Atlanta, Georgia, are setting the world on fire. They are in the final stages of the Hard Rock's "Global Battle of the Bands Competition." They are only one vote away from being sent to London, England perform in London’s infamous Hyde Park; appearing with Bon Jovi, Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks, among others. This is a chance of a lifetime for a young local band from Atlanta, to join the ranks of Collective Soul, Sevendust, John Mayer, and Butch Walker. Graham’s Number is only band representing Atlanta, Georgia so be sure to give them your vote and show the world that Atlanta still Rocks. - Hard Rock Cafe


Still working on that hot first release.



Graham's Number officially began in early 2010. Nick Sanders(Lead Vox/Guitar) and Andy Scherm(Back up Vox/Bass) as the core. They came from poor family's rich in spirit.
They met in 7th grade math class and from then on started an adventure of a lifetime. They played as an acoustic duo at house party's or in random situations and called themselves Cerebrum. After dabbling around for a while. Nick pitched idea for Andy to pick up bass instead of guitar cause he thought the size of his fingers would make it easier for him play. From then on he fell in love with bass. Not too long after that, they started a few bands with random drummers. No one ever took it as serious as them though.

Ok long story shorter! Nick Graduated high-school in 2008. He had no job. No plan's for college. No money. No car. No bank account. Literally nothing. Just his guitar.

One day an old country boy named Chris in Nick's neighborhood saw him skating around playing his new acoustic guitar. Impressed with what he saw and heard, he kept talking about him at work with all his friends. One man, in particularly he spoke too, drew an interest in Nick. Bam, Nick was taken to this mans house one day by Chris randomly. Nick timidly walked in, picked up a guitar that was there and began playing. After 20 minutes, this man who knew nothing of the music industry or of Nick. Offered to help him out. It was red pill or blue pill. Yay or nay. So Nick with surprise and shock accepted humbly. Still unclear of what help meant. Nick inherited all the gear this man had been collecting. He encouraged him to start a band and find a drummer. So that's what he did!

By 2010, a band had formed and Andy and Nick Blossomed into a different level of love for music and there future. They had only a few songs. They never really performed a concert until this band was started. The first 6 months the band played 3-5 open mics a week and it spiraled into steady gigs. They learned quick its not about the destination in life. It's the journey. It's paying your due's.

3 drummers later and 200+ shows they managed to stitch together their first Demo CD. They are working on their first Album now!!

To some up our influences. The new age music with prepackaged emotion and illusive empty messages of glamorized ego and materialism never made into our reality as good music. Music is used as a tool. Unfortunately it seems main stream culture is using it as a negative force. De-evolving the potential of music that heals. While evolving the type of music that kills and misleads the youth. Grahams Number wants to be a part of the wave that changes that. Using music as their weapon against this corrupt profit driven system that needs to be dismissed. When the people rise up and show there love. Graham's Number will play the Anthem to a brighter future!!!