Graham Trude

Graham Trude


Since fullfilling his contract with the Canadian Forces as an Armoured Crewman, independent solo artist Graham Trude, a Collingwood native, has put his priority focas on his life-long dream to become a known member of the Canadian Country Music scene.


Independent solo artist Graham Trude is a new breed of country singer who prefers to wear a ball cap rather than the traditional cowboy hat. The talented singer/songwriter is an avid outdoorsman who shares his love of life through music.

Graham is a native of Collingwood, Ontario where exposed to the beautiful and rugged landscape of surrounding Georgian Bay he was greatly inspired to write his feelings for life in song. He developed a love of country music at age 15, listening to the music of Hank Williams Jr., Garth Brooks and many others who made a lasting impact on him and since then, he has been writing and performing his own music.
As a “hard-core patriot” Graham’s life took a turn in 2007 after joining the Canadian Forces but he never lost touch with his love of music. In fact while posted as a member of the Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadian’s) Tank Regiment in Edmonton Alberta, his music career really began to unfold. He began writing alongside Paul Smith – an Alberta legend who had greatly influenced Graham to pursue his music, and it was during this time the Collingwood songwriter organized the recording of his first demo ‘My Only Chance’.

Graham took his love of music with him wherever he went including his military training in provinces across Canada and further to Dubai, Germany and Kandahar Afghanistan where he was on mission fighting as a front line soldier. During his disembarkation leave in Bangkok, Thailand Graham purchased a guitar and did some performing in Phuket Island at a few of the local irish pubs. After his R&R he decided to ship the guitar to his patrol base in Panjwai District, Afghanistan where he then used it to keep up the moral of fellow soldiers in the dessert. During special Thanksgiving and Christmas events he shared songs and music with many others so far from home.

Since fulfilling his contract with the Canadian Forces as an Armoured Crewman, Graham has put a priority focus on his life-long dream to become a known member of the Canadian Country Music scene. Working alongside well-established Nashville songwriter/producer - Robert Chritchley, he has just recorded his debut EP ‘Just Like the Rain’ at The Georgian Bay Recording Company in Midland Ontario. Inspired by the title Graham says he wrote the name and song before the music – it has taken him all the way to the final round of the 3rd annual Fergus, Ontario song writing competition where his talents are being judged by a panel of professionals.

“I get my inspiration from song titles and believe that if you were meant to write a really good song – you will do it. Some of the best songs ever written took about 1/2hr to an hour to write, and some even in studio. Its amazing what a little inspiration can do” said the freelance artist.
“What I love about writing country music is the story that is told throughout the song and just how many people can relate to it. Every country tune I hear on the radio in someway I can relate.”

Graham has maintained a steady presence in venues throughout Central Ontario and continues to support his fellow soldiers through charity events for Wounded Warriors Canada (WWC) - an organization which supports soldiers with physical and mental issues from the war. One of the songs from his EP is called ‘The Ones We Lost’. It is a Remembrance Day ballad dedicated to his friend (Trooper Larry Rudd) who was killed in Afghanistan from an IED May 24, 2010. Graham is doing a music video for the song to raise money for Wounded Warriors Canada. While the majority of his work is original, Graham has one song co-written by his producer (Robert Critchley) called ‘Waiting’ which gets frequent radio play.

Currently Graham has been busy organizing his own charity concerts in the Collingwood and Barrie area. Performing alongside at some of these events are Juno nominated Canadian country singer/songwriters Jamie Warren & Diane Chase. Also fall 2012 he will be an opening act for CCMA artist Duane Steele – a strong country music influence in Graham’s childhood. He is co-writing new rock/country songs with recording artist Shane Cloutier, and will be making his way to Nashville, Tennessee late fall. He has gained strong support from radio broadcasting station 95.1 The Peak FM with event concerts and radio play and he is currently writing and recording songs for his second EP which will be (Unplugged). Graham is open to performing at charity events and sporting fundraisers, and hopes to continue supporting his community through the industry.


Graham's debut EP "Just Like The Rain" was released on November 14, 2012 and contains 5 original songs, 4 of which have been released to radio.

Set List

Graham performs mixed sets of original and cover tunes from traditional country to new country/rock.