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The best kept secret in music


"Germany Reviews Grain!"


Also from Texas comes a new Heavy Metal band. Grain is the name of this fourpiece from Arlington. Though they just exist since 2001 with a permanent line-up they have recorded the self release 10-tracker "Open Your Eyes" in July 2003. And even if cover and backcover (shows a very blurred photo of the band) look a bit amateurish, it seems that they have put a lot more work in the rest of the CD - namely the production and the songwriting. "Open Your Eyes" has a very fat sound, while the music itself orientates a bit on Pantera and Machine Head. These guys are really tight in what they are doing. I think this is a result of the nearly one-hundred live-shows which they have played the last two years. A really tight rhythm-section, some cool riffs and a mostly aggressive shouting vocalist, who drifts between hardcore, thrash and some clean vocals. The title-track "Open Your Eyes" opens the reign very heavy and with some nasty shouting. In "Cold Reality" fronter David changes over to some calmer clean voices. Song four - "Justify", may be the best, because the most extraordinaire track - has a cool melody, while David is still singing with a clean voice. "Munich" begins as a relaxed Groover, what seems not to really fit with the lyrics of that song, which deal with the terroristic massacre in the Israeli part of the Olympic centre in Munich in 1972. "Fallout" is playing a bit with distorted vocals, which doesn’t fit that good with Grain’s sound. Then comes the half-ballad "Nothing’s Unforgiven". Not bad! "Hate Them In Return" is again a blow in your face! Grain is a band that should bring back Texas on the map of Heavy Metal again! Get the CD for 10 US-$ (plus postage) at




The Texas guys from Grain had already impressed me with their self-released CD "Open Your Eyes". But with work, money and other input the guys can top it. With this DVD they present five of their songs on video format. we are talking about an unsigned band. "Fallout" shows some live-shots of the band with some newspaper-headlines and photos which show that the band is against war in general, the Iraqi-war and Bush’s politics in particular. It seems that the U.S. President has more than just fans in his home-state. The live-shots are sometimes distorted and coloured. Video two shows "Munich / A Layer Shed" as real live versions. The live-shots and the ones of the moshpit are mixed with shots of the Olympic games in Munich in 1972. You can see the Israeli Olympic delegation marching into Munich stadium, shots from the masked assassins and photos of the murdered Israeli sportsmen. But why there are also pictures of Adolf Hitler or German sportswomen with their raised right arms from the Olympic Games so many years before I do not know and will be kept as a secret by the band. The song "Hate Them In Return" runs, while the four guys are posing on a couch and in a driving car for some fun-shots, while destroying an acoustic guitar as well as playing the drums with gym shoes and beer bottles. "The Trials" is flanked with some pictures from the guys in their practice room and has some cool photo-effects. The closing "Cold Reality" (a really cool track by the way) shows a wide variety of pictures. It isn’t a real video, more kind of a power point-presentation. This DVD is a cool effort. I would have liked to see more shots from the audience and the genius song "Justify" from the CD is lacking, but all in all it’s damn good. I think this DVD is more for promotion than for selling, but have a try at or just ask at

- Oblivion Magazine


By Mark Beneventi

Arlington has a secret. Somewhere among the multitude of Mid-Cities metal bands that continually spring up and fade away, there are a few that are actually taking root. One of these is Grain. Anyone traveling the main arteries of Arlington (Collins, Cooper, Division, etc) will happen across plenty of tattoo parlors, smoke shops, music and record stores. Bring up the topic of metal bands to anyone there, and one of the first names out of their mouths will undoubtedly be Grain. Someone might even hook you up with the band’s inaugural CD “Open Your Eyes” (thanks Ross). At first glance the disc looks a bit, well, amateurish - with basic artwork, fonts and the obligatory live photo. But DO NOT let that deter you from popping it in your player. That will be all it takes. Within seconds you’ll know you are listening to serious talent and top-notch production - and you won’t be able to stop listening!

The members of Grain - friends from school - started playing punk music in various bands during their early teens, but their talent and ideas apparently outgrew the punk genre. Drummer Rick Nagler and guitarist Nick Stolz enlisted friend Hank Jarvis to play bass guitar and the three ventured into heavier music. The foursome was complete in the spring of 2001 with the addition of Hank’s brother David Jarvis, who conjures astonishing vocals from his modest frame. When asked why he started singing David says, “I saw Hanson on TV and they sucked so bad, I just knew I had to be the anti-Hanson.”

This band of light-hearted, ‘regular dudes’ has a musical style and lyrical content that is anything but light or regular. Though they laugh recalling ham and cheese fights (not overdoses) on the road, their words tell another story. For example ‘Fallout’, politically bent against a government that “sets up shop in your television”, wisely suggesting we “Don’t hate the media / become the media”; or ‘Munich’ re-telling and re-emoting the Olympic hostage tragedy of 1972; or ‘Hate Them in Return’, a simple answer to the people who hate you.

With lyrics this valid and varying, it’s a good thing the music lives up to them. The rhythm section is super tight and talented, easily keeping pace with stiletto guitar riffs, but never out-shining sustained chords or vocal harmonies. And speaking of vocals and guitars, they expertly span a range as wide as their influences - Rage, Pantera, Machine Head and even rapper Nas. Riffs, melodies, beats and screams echo young America’s angst and hatred of hypocrisy without pulling any punches.

No punches were pulled in the disc’s production either, which was recorded in Denton at Panhandle House Studios. “A lot of time and a lot of money went into this disc!” they admit, and it shows, with sound quality as good as any of the area’s ‘signed’ metal bands. It’s worth a trip to any CD Warehouse to pick this up, but Grain won’t let you take it on faith because, as they say, the “Proof’s in the Puddin’.” Listen first, and you will want this recording.

Grain plays live shows regularly in the Metroplex as well. “We love the Curtain Club and Ridglea of course… and we do pretty good at Division One,” they say referring to Arlington’s main house of metal where they and their buds Crush Point regularly bring in top crowds. “But we are starting to cut down on local gigs. We don’t want to wear out our fans,” adds Rick, speaking of a wildly loyal fan base that is not afraid to put miles on their tires to see the band play.

These fans are justifiably zealous. Grain plays all-out, regardless of the venue, and the band is very much in-tune with its audience. Check them out live at Division One on Friday the 13th (ooooh!) and at Curtain Club in March for the Live and Local Show with Chaz.

Grain has already exhibited a solid core (no personnel changes since it’s inception) and healthy growth musically and idealistically. And, like any force of nature, it will continue to reach up.
- Harder Beat Magazine

""Business End" EP Review"

By Mark Beneventi

It’s been a long time coming, but Grain has finally released their second CD. “This one is much better than our first one,” exclaims drummer Rick Nagler, a bold statement, considering the astounding quality - in every aspect - of first disc, Open Your Eyes. The Business End is similar to their debut CD with a range of styles - musically and vocally - that include rap-core, grind and death. It’s angry, tight and well produced, making for a great listen and nearly capturing the energy of their brilliant live show. This six-song collection overflows with valid political statements and serious anger-mismanagement riffing, most notably on “Countdown to the End,” “Keter/Malchut” and “War.” While it doesn’t quite compare to Open Your Eyes’ title track, “Justify” or “Hate Them in Return,” - for any metal fan, Grain is still the best around.
- Harder Beat Magazine

"Grain - CD Release Party at Dreamworld"


This was the best Local Band Showcase I have ever attented. Not just because of the line up consisting of Negative 263, Kritikill, I.R.A.T.E, Necrogazm, and my boys GRAIN, but for the big crowd and the awesome response they gave to these bands.

Dallas is my first love and my home away from home is The Curtain Club, but Arlington has got everyone beat! There was hardly anyone just standing around not getting into the music. By the time Grain played the crowd was so pumped up it was scary.

Six of us girls rushed to the front of the stage to have a front row experience and it got really tight and hot from everyone pushing and wanting to be up front. The club was packed! The show made you feel like you were at a "real" know what I mean! At one point I felt like I was going to pass out from the heat and being pushed into the stage. Not to mention getting stepped on by a stage diver and accidently kicked in the head by David (singer of Grain) while he was crowd surfing!!

It made me remember those days when people would try to stage dive into the crowds and people would move. Didn't someone break a nose? Hahaha.... sorry had to say it.
- Live & Local With Baby

"Grain - The Business End, Self Released"


Ok Grainiacs and the people who have not heard of Grain yet. This should be a pretty easy review to write, because I love the new CD. The Business End ep shows the true nature of the band Grain. Crushing music with a Lyrical Assassin behind the microphone.

This CD could be a future masterpiece for the band if they were to go national. The metal music being played on it will catch your attention with the very smooth transitions, crushing drums, pounding bass lines and insane lyrics that work so well together. I honestly believe that the first CD of Grain's showed the bands intensity a little more than this one, except for the song "Revolution" which kicks my ass every time I listen to it.

If you are a die-hard Grainiac, you should love this CD. If you don't know this band yet, you will after getting this CD and I would bet on seeing you at a few shows after hearing it. The production on this CD was second to none. I really feel like it was a professionally done recording and could be considered one of this years top 10 releases by a local Texas band.
- Texas Local Music

"Grain voted "Best Local Band" 2 Years Running!"

Linda Hollar, Editor Harder Beat Magazine selects "Grain" as "The Best Local Band" for 2004!

"Grain" was also selected by Linda for the same award in 2003! - Harder Beat Magazine


"Open Your Eyes" Is a 10 song Independent release from 2003 and is available online at both and

"The Business End" Is a 6 song Independent release from 2005 and is also available online at both and

Grain is currently being spun on the following radio stations:

89.3 KNON Dallas, Texas
88.1 KTXT Lubbock, Texas
107.9 KEYJ Abilene, Texas
88.3 KABF Little Rock, Arkansas
99.7 KMJJ Shreveport, Louisiana

and on the following internet radio stations:, Dallas, Texas, Dallas, Texas, New Orleans, LA

Grain is also POD cast on:

Their videos have been broadcast on cable through:, Seattle, Washington

Their video's are available for viewing at:


Feeling a bit camera shy


“Imagine 2 California brothers, raised on everything from Aretha Franklin to Snot, joining forces with 2 old school metal heads in Arlington, Texas, and bringing excitement and danger back into rock. Weaving tales of religion, politics, and personal experience into the dark side of the imagination through layers of sonic dissonance, this band will blow away any preconceived notions of what heavy music should be. To listen to them is a catharsis. To witness them live is to separate yourself from all that is, and to become one with the truth. Start the movement.”

Extremely energetic and explosive, GRAIN Live is something to experience. Comprised of David Jarvis (vocals), Nick Stolz (guitar), Rick Nagler (drums) and Henry Jarvis (bass). David’s highly controversial lyrics, heavy metal singing style and unique ability to incite the crowd coupled with the heavy metal groove of Rick, Nick and Henry provide audiences with an adrenaline powered, emotional experience. Their amazing stage show, all out vocals and chest pounding groove deliver a site and sound that is literally a knock out punch for the faint of heart.

GRAIN has refined their powerful sound and electric stage presence by playing over 250 shows in the past four years. Their 1st full length CD entitled “Open Your Eyes” was recorded at The Panhandle House recording studio in Denton, TX. It was independently released in mid July 2003. Their second release, "The Business End" is a 6 song EP showing their musical growth over the past 2 years. GRAIN has been named one of Dallas’ top live acts in both 2003 and 2004 by Harder Beat Magazine. The records and live shows have received rave reviews from local, regional and European press as well as music websites around the world. Their recorded music displays the full range of their musical ability, however their live performance is where GRAIN really shines!


Grain is coming to town. The fuse is lit.