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Grainne Duffy


Groovy country rock and blues melted together in one tight unit. All united through carefully crafted songs and fine musicianship.


Grainne Duffy

Currently finishing tracks for her second album, as a follow up to her debut album Out of the Dark which was released last year to warm reception which included her being asked to appear for three days at Glastonbury 2008 Festival alongside Joan Baez, Suzanne Vega, Sinead O Connor, Glen Hansard, Seasick Steve and The Blockheads to name but a few. Grainne also appeared at many of Ireland's leading festivals and was also approached by the BBC to record a track for a T.V. promotion campaign in George Martin's Air Studio in London. This year she has taken part in two T.V. shows for R.T.E. One of which was for the highly acclaimed music programme Other Voices and the second was a documentary piece for the most watched R.T.E. series Nationwide with a featured interview with highly respected music agent for Tom Waits, Jackson Browne, Paul Brady, Ray Davies and many more Paul Charles. Also Grainne’s performance on Other Voices was then selected for the special viewers choice programme. Her music is also featured in Belfast director and film maker Carol Moore's movie 'PUMPGIRL', debuting at Belfast Film Festival this year staring well known actress Geraldine Hughes. Grainne has also appeared alongside Paul Brady for the re opening of the newly refurbished Ulster Hall and also at the renowned Celtic Connections Festival in Scotland together with many other European festivals. She has also recently just returned from a tour in Norway where she will be releasing her debut album later this year.

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Out of the Dark (Album)

Written By: Grainne Duffy

Meant To Break
(written by Grainne Duffy)

Verse 1
Last night I heard it all again,
the who’s the where’s and the when’s,
A confusion that blinds the heart,
Aint got no reason left to mend.

I thought you were strong ,
I thought you weren’t meant to break,
With no feelings left,
Now I can see, I made a mistake.

Verse 2
Your hard to know,
Your hard to understand,
And I was done trying to figure you out,
I had to realise that it aint what it’s all about,
Now I can see, I had you wrong.


But why were you afraid,
To let me see this side,
I don’t understand,
Why you needed time,
Time to make up your mind,
But I suppose, that aint no crime.


Each and Every Time
(written by Grainne Duffy)

Verse 1
You got what you wanted from me,
And he waves goodbye,
You know there’s contentment in smugness,
When your not afraid to lie.
Asked me to let my hair hang down,
You know I love you he smiles,
But I don’t belong to you,
‘Cause you put me on the line.

I’m gonna change the rules,
I’m gonna make my stand,
I’m gonna be the first to let you know, Each and Every time.

Verse 2
Home she walks alone,
Hands dripping by her side,
Heavy the justice oh,
But weary the load.
I’m standin’ here pretty,
With my hair hanging down,
But happy to make my small,
Statement to the world.


Bridge/middle 8
No need to pretend,
I only believe half of what I hear,
No need to beg pardon,
I hear there’s peace in the near.


Bad to Worse
(written by Grainne Duffy)

Verse 1
I’ve been dealing with your hard blow,
But I can’t take the fall,
I’ve been dealin’ with your hard blow,
But it don’t make no sense at all,
You know what it’s done to me now,
But I’ll keep on movin’ on.

Verse 2
I’ve been mis-trusted,
For wearing out your love,
I’ve been mistrusted,
For thinking you’re the one,
It’s all gone bad to worse yeah,
Now I’m left to take the fall.

Verse 3
I’ve been accused and abused,
For thinking you’re the one,
I’ve been shot down in the dark,
And I still don’t know what I’ve done’
Repeat verse 1

Wow wow’s to end

Drivin’ me crazy
(written by Grainne Duffy)

Verse 1
There’s a man about town,
He’s drivin’ me crazy’
‘cause he keeps callin’ me,
Callin’ me his baby,
No I don’t know what he’s got,
But he sure got it goin’ on,
You’d better bet, I’d never lead that kinda man along.

Verse 2
He’s comin’ on hot,
He’s goin’ down strong,
I gotta admit yeah,
he’s one kinda man,
Won’t give up,
And I ain’t playin’ along,
I gotta change things,
Before my own man’s gone.

He plays it cool,
He’s got it all worked out,
Creepin’ up on me,
When he knows your not about.

Verse 1 repeated

Yeah yeah ooh yeah etc

Don’t know Why
(written by Grainne Duffy)

Verse 1
Travellin’ on the open road,
Many thoughts that fill my head,
The white line just keeps runnin’
Like the one I can’t forget,
It’s been 40,000 miles,
And I still aint goin’ no-where.

Cause I’ve got no love to save me,
Gonna cut me in two,
Don’t need no forgiveness,
I got none for you,
Tryin’ hard to catch me,
Out of my own lies,
But I don’t know, no I don’t know why.

Verse 2
There’s no reason to be ashamed,
I hung on every word I ever said,
Tried to be understanding,
See things in a different way,
But now I got this freedom,
I’ll share it out instead.

Verse 3
Now before I bear my name,
Better take a look at what I’ve said,
If I scratch the wound that bleeds,
It won’t heal but scar instead,
Try to make the best of trouble,
Don’t wanna just hang my head.


Grainne Electric rhythm guitar and Lead guitar
Lead vocal and Backing vocal
Paul Electric Rhythm guitar
Ronnie Electric Bass

Richard Lap steel
John Hammond and Piano

Bring it all Together
(written by Grainne Duffy)

Ooh ooh

Verse 1
I went missing in the darkness,
Couldn’t find a friend,
Found trouble in believing,
And being lonely is all I can,
Seems if I have the wit,
And you have the way,
We’ll bring it all together,
In whichever way we can.

Verse 2
I never speak of being honest,
‘Cause I know that that’s a lie,
I’ve whispered to the seasons’
Please don’t rain when I cry’
But now I got that feeling,
The old rain is comin’ on,
But I know we’ll bring it together,
In whichever way we can.

But I gathered up the fog,
I put it in a bag,
And I can see clearly now,
What I’ve always had,
And I’ve brought it all together,
In whichever way I could.

Ooh ooh

Good Love had to Die
(written Grainne Duffy)

Verse 1
You know I’ve been cryin’
Cryin’ way to long,
And baby you aint heard me no,
And that’s when true love’s gone wrong.

Verse 2
I don’t mind if we fight,
I don’t care,
If you wanna keep me up all night,
But baby I just can’t stand it no,
When you just turn ou


Grainne Duffy 'Out of the Dark'

Air play tracks
Each and Every Time
Bring it all Together
Waiting for You
Bad to Worse
Rather go Blind
Don't Know Why
Drivin' Me Crazy
Thrill is Gone

Set List

Out of the Dark
Each and Every Time
Bad to Worse
Bring it all Together
Don't know Why
Test of Time
Good Love Had To Die
Drivin' Me Crazy
Let me In
Sweet Sweet Baby
Times not Enough
Waiting for You


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Rather go Blind Ellington/ Foster
Can't Let Go Recce Weeks
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