Grampy Bone

Grampy Bone



"Grampy Bone" is a versatile 4 piece band that currently performs in the Ohio area. Our type of improv infused music can be described as anything from rock/blues to cajun jazz. Kind of like taking Janis Joplin, the Black Keys, and Buddy Guy, then setting them afloat on the bayou. We've been consistently playing 3-5 shows a month in our local area and are looking to take our passion to the next step. The amount of original material and the talent of the musicians allow us to do anything from being the sole act for a 4hr show at a bar, to a broke down acoustic set at a coffee shop.
Our 4 piece consists of:

-a singer/rythm guitar player Kenn Kirker who has been described as lightning in a bottle. Kenn draws from his stays in New Orleans, and San Francissco. Wether it's putting audience members names into lyrics, or the way he dances with Mark (our bassist), his charismatic stage performance never fails to engage the crowed into the experience.

-the lead guitarist Brandon Ullery, who is a master at his craft, (which you can hear for yourself on the demo)

-bassist "blind squirrel" Mark Rich

-and percussionist Dan Nannarone.

Whether it's performing a broken down acoustic set with a conga, or playing a rock show all night until the wee hours of the morning, "Grampy Bone" is a group that promises a unique performance from 4 very talented musicians that the audience will not soon forget. (in a good way)

here are some links to live/recorded performances of our band

we have more recorded material available if you would like to hear more
to get in touch with us please call
Dan Nannarone 937-651-1205
or email



Written By: Kenn Kirker

tell you bout a girl, spider is her name
she gotta real quick mouth its her claim to fame
she walks on down the street aint no heads are gonna turn
if you look into her eyes see the fire that burns

smolder smolder smoke and burn shes a brush fire fueled with autumn leaves
she might live in the west, she dreams of headin east
lebaneese italian, looks like niether one
shes an all american girl shes beholden to none

bubble bubble toil and trouble somethin wicked this way comes
shes bloody sexy death and shes havin fun
met that boy named Fly, he offered her the sky
she said my parlors right this way if you dont mind

oh they, gave her twenty years and she served not a day
she just hooked up with her broom and rode away

Love you all Night Long

Written By: Kenn Kirker

girl let me love you
all night long
I'll love you
all night long
in the morning
I'll be gone
and I know it's wrong
I know it aint right
I can't let myself
stay for more than one night
If I do babe I might want to stay
all my life

I've been to frisco mama
I'v been to New Orleans
I'v been to San Francisco
and I've been to New Orleans
baby your the finest white granulated sugar that I've ever seen
baby I'll love you all night long
I'll love you all night long
in the morning
I'll be gone

Twilight Blues

Written By: Kenn Kirker

tell you bout a girl
someone you all ready know
oh I had to love her
yeah she had to go
she went down to New Orleans
with evil on her mind
oh and I followed
but she wasn't hard to find
she went down big daddy's
it's this local titty bar
and this boy jump up on the stage
and grabbed her by the arm
I saw a flash of light
straight razor in her hand
oh when she was finished
he wasn't half a man
Like a werewolf,
howling in the moonlight
can you hear me I'm crying your name
like a vampire,
singing in the moonlight
my love dies in the cold light of day
I met her at the door
said we gots to get away
that girl she's a honsay
and New Orleans she will stay
said she's down with poppa leggba
and momma breshet
the gods of sex and death
they walk'n down the street
she thought that would scare me
but I got some mojo hands
if you look'n for a boat core
oh baby I'm your man
like a werewolf howling in the moonlight,
can you hear me I'm crying your name
like a vampire clinging to the moonlight,
my love dies in the cold light of day