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Grand Buffet

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Futuristic rap-duo Grand Buffet has toured the US, Canada and Europe extensively on their own and in support of acts like Sage Francis, Wesley Willis, Mates of State, Dismemberment Plan and Suicide Girls. They have licensed a new CD/DVD to Fighting Records for an early ’05 release.



GRAND BUFFET is a rap group from the United States. Specifically, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania part of the United States. Pittsburgh is home to great sports teams like the Penguins (hockey) and the Steelers (American football), and also is home to cool people like Fred Rogers and Andy Warhol.

So here I present to you, in a fun list of factoids, the official deal with GRAND BUFFET:

1.) GRAND BUFFET consists of two members: the dude writing this shit, that’s me, that’s Jarrod Weeks (a.k.a. Lord Grunge, a.k.a. Matt Kukla, a.k.a. Fred Durts). The other cat is Jackson O’Connell-Barlow (a.k.a. Grape-A-Don, a.k.a. Nate Kukla, a.k.a. Mr. Pennsylvania).

2.) We started making music together back in 1997, but didn’t really start killing shit until around 2000.

3.) We tour extensively, either by ourselves or opening for friends of ours who are bigger and have more fans.

4.) We hired a publicist once, and it was a colossal waste of $4,500.00 US. Other than that we’ve never had any official affiliation with any entity, with the exception of handshake-based agreements with our pals.

5.) We’ve released four albums entirely on our own, and are working on the release of two more records simultaneously, later in 2004.

6.) We make futuristic rap music that is cool, and we’re both VERY psyched about it.

Bios suck, this one is no exception. I’ve never read a bio of a band that didn’t castrate them and make them sound like lifeless, boring, pretentious assholes. I tried to avoid that, but going back and re-reading it, it’s still pretty boring. Fuck it, man, the proof is in the pudding – check out a live show, check out our albums, bust our website at and make the call your damn self. And on the real, thanks for taking a second to read this shit!


Jarrod Weeks (a.k.a. Lord Grunge, a.k.a. Matt Kukla, a.k.a. Fred Durts).


Sparkle Classic LP
Undercover Angels EP
Cigarette Beach EP
Pittsburgh Hearts EP