Granddad Woolly

Granddad Woolly

 Alpharetta, Georgia, USA
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My music is a what I call shujinko hip hop. Meaning it is composed of elements of underground, old school, alternative, and soul which is expressed through a fresh and fear free mind which always leaves you wanting to know, see and hear more. Think Atmosphere meets DOOM meets Lupe at the age of 22.


Chris Carter isn't your everyday induvidual, which also makes him not your everyday emcee. Born in the golden year of 1988, the 21 year old prodigy is nothing like his hip hop peers. One, because of his unbelievable skills. Two, because he is the only emcee to base his career from a book written by himself. Formally known in the first 4 chapters of "The Prodigious Scripture" as Tuskus Woolly or T-Woolly, he showcased his natural and amazing talent to many. By the 5th chapter Woolly was tested by an evil villain who would help bring out his hidden power and skills by carrying out a righteous evil operation known as "Chrome & Ivory". Under the name MF Woolly the villain and the mammoth were sucessful in their plans and as a final token, Woolly was able to reach his evoultion with the power given being permanently fused within. Now in his full and final form, Granddad Woolly will represent the new ways of hip hop and bring about a style not seen since the genre's birth. So now it's time for the granddad to get 'em.



T-Woolly Saga
-Soul's Neo Lyricist EP (2005)
-88: Year Of The Prodigy (2006)
-The Primigenious (2006)
-Scripts Of My Slumber: The Mixtape (2007)
-Last Grains Of Sand EP (2008)

MF Woolly Saga
-Chrome & Ivory (2009)

Granddad Woolly Saga
-Get 'Em Granddad: The 10-3-2 LP (TBR October 2010)

-The Transformation: Stages 1-3 (2009) Radio Play On Dubmission Radio in Pennsylvania
-WoollyKush ft. Shinobi Kush (2009) Radio Play On Dubmission Radio In Pennsylvania
-The 4th Element (2010)
-When The Time Runs Out (2010) Available On ITunes)
-Deliver The Quotes (2010) Streaming and Radio Airplay on Dubmission Radio Pennsylvania and GAL Radio in Germany and upcoming play on Hip Hop Stew Mixshow hosted by DJ Dug Boogie
*Upcoming Singles
-Musicman's Hustle ft. Kyle Segar (2010)
-Welcome To The Horror Show (2010)
-Resurrection (2010)

Set List

-Deliver The Quotes
-When The Time Runs Out
-The 4th Element
-Welcome To The Horror Show
-Where Do I Belong?