Grand Dérangement

Grand Dérangement


We're a French Acadian band from Nova Scotia, Canada with fiddle and step dancing. We've been touring since 1998, over 1000 shows, 10 countries, 2 ECMA awards.


Grand Dérangement is a group from the Saint Mary's Bay area of Southwestern Nova Scotia. The name Grand Dérangement refers to the expulsion of the Acadians in 1755, but the name also alludes to the group wanting to rouse its audience. The music is exciting, the show is a visual feast, and the highly poetic songs, while insightful, defy the audience to sit still. The bow fires up the fiddle...the sparks fly.

This award-winning group is very eclectic in its musical approach, drawing from such disparate musical inspiration as French chansonniers, folk, Celtic, rock, and Broadway. The rhythms are contagious, the dancers enthralling.

Grand Dérangement is ambitious in targeting an audience and has succeeded in acquiring an acclaimed international reputation. The group acts as an Acadian ambassador and its popularity in Europe and the United States is on the rise. The musicians are raising the profile of Acadians and Michel Thibault's songs are setting new standards for Acadian songwriting.

Grand Dérangement holds a special place in the world of French-language music. The group builds a bridge between the old and the new, between the local and the universal. Grand Dérangement is creating a new Acadian musical repertoire, one that will survive for as long as Acadian culture remains alive and vital.


1998 - Tournons la Page
2000 - Danse dans les Flammes
2004 - EP 2004
2004 - Dérangé
2007 - LIVE