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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Planet Nine Art Show Review"

I discovered a great band last weekend, The Grande Nationals. They played Planet Nine’s poster art show at Small’s Bar in Hamtramck. The Grande Nationals have this sing-songy heavy rock thing going on. Catchy, but hard. It’s three dudes up front, and one mutha of a drummer, Sarah, on the skins. Damn, can this girl hit ‘em! I swear, Detroit produces the best female drummers ever.

- Meldoy Licious –

"DPollen Buzzworthy Bands"

Tony Vegas (guitar), Scotty Hagen (bass), Stevie Michael (vocals) and Sarah Fisher (drums) play down and dirty, black-T-shirt rock'n'roll. It's the kind of punk-afflicted heavy rock you can sink your teeth into and feel good about. With fists cast in the mold of Motorhead, Alice Cooper and the Stooges, the Grande Nationals could pound the sh*t out of designer imposters like the D4. Together for little more than a year now, the band has an EP out and will begin work on a full-length this summer. - Shannon McCarthy,Real Detroit Weekly

"Group Finds Fast Success Locally"

After a flurry 0f activity following its formation, the Grande Nationals will begin recording.

FERNDALE -- The Grande Nationals formed in early 2003 from an act of desperation. A local rock group, called Jackie Stroker, was in dire need of an opening act, so the band’s guitarist, Tony Vegas, and manager, Sarah Fisher, got a band together with friends Stevie Michael and Scotty Hagen.
After only a few weeks of practice, the Grande Nationals had written six songs, learned one cover and was ready to perform. But the band didn’t stop there.
“We played nonstop for the first nine months,” says drummer Sarah Fisher. “We played with the Fags, Gold Cash Gold, the Dictators. We opened for the Sounds. We played with the Star Spangles.”
Now that things have calmed down a bit, and the band has matured musically, it is ready for its first real recording. In June, after a big St. Andrew’s Hall show, the band will head to Chicago to record a full-length project with producer Jan Maitland at his studio.
Name: Grande Nationals
Lineup: Stevie Michael, vocals; Tony Vegas, guitar and vocals; Scotty Hagen, bass and vocals; Sarah Fisher, drums.
Sound: There are all kinds of rock — garage rock, pop rock, radio rock, classic rock — but the Grande Nationals is a perfect example of straight-up rock rock. Solid, thumping bass and drums support power chord, rock and roll guitar riffs and solos. Singer Stevie Michael is the sass and spirit of other tight pants-wearing singers of the ’70s, from Robert Plant to Roger Daltry.
Discography: Grande Nationals has a self-titled EP out that has sold nearly 1,000 copies. Distributed by Cargo, the recording was originally for demo purpose.
Next: Catch the Grande Nationals this weekend at the D Pollen festival at the Hastings Street Ballroom, 715 E. Milwaukee St. in Detroit. The band will play on the Tangent Gallery Stage at 5:15 on Saturday. Visit for the full schedule. The Grande Nationals will also perform June 17 at St. Andrew’s Hall, 431 E. Congress St. in Detroit, with the Nice Device and more. Check out for shows, sound clips and more.

You can reach Melody Baetens at (313) 222-2402 or - Melody Baetens, Detroit News

"Grande Nationals E.P. Review"

Hailing from the streets of Detroit with a wide variety of artistic guitar chords and bass lines, The Grande Nationals will satisfy your craving for original rock n roll. Titles like “Sayanara” and “Meet Me at the Hotel” clearly say that this group doesn’t hold back anything when it comes to writing music. Different from most bands, The Grande Nationals don’t have the sound of an average rock group, with they’re own sound and personality, deciding whether or not you give this album a shot shouldn’t be brain surgery. For such a low price, you have nothing to lose.

- Axis Magazine
- Axis Magazine

"Grande Nationals E.P. Review 2"

Are you as tired as I am of bands with ‘The Detroit Sound?’ What the hell is “The Detroit Sound?” I’ll tell you one thing, it’s not a bunch of floppy-haired, unemployed hipster wannabes who throw around names like THE STOOGES, ALCIE COOPER, and, THE MC5, while sounding more like a bunch of British-shoegazer chumps! The Grande Nationals are what true Detroit Rock is all about. Check that, not just Detroit Rock, but pure, raw, dirty-ass rawk the way it was meant to be! On their debut E.P., the Detroit-based foursome rip and tear their way through some of the rawest, fastest, catchiest rock n roll since the glory days of 1974! Think Love It to Death- era Alice Cooper meets the first four Ramones albums. To sum it up, you just can’t go wrong with this disc. No matter what type of Rock you have a taste for; this disc will surely satisfy it! Whatever you do, be sure to catch the live, because their live show is unparalleled, in Detroit and beyond. Get it cheap. Get it now. Love it forever! LONG LIVE ROCK!

- John Piepenbrok
- John Piepenbrok

"Grande Nationals E.P. Review 3"

This disc didn’t leave my CD player all weekend! The Grande Nationals sound is a mix of the first four Ramones records, Grande Rock-era HELLACOPTERS, early STOOGES, Bon- Scott-era AC/DC, ALICE COOPER circa – Love It To Death, etc. etc. etc. The Grande Nationals are all things ROCK! They do their own thing, and they do it well. Think you can handle it?

- Detroit Music Retailer Collective
- Detroit Music Retailer Collective


Grande Nationals - Self Titled e.p.
Grande Nationals - Brass Knuckle Heartbreak (May 2006)
Sweet Sounds of Detroit Vol. 1 - "Little Girl Lollypop"
Detroit Rocks CF - "Don't Go In Alone"


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Grande Nationals were formed in the smoky bar scene of Detroit Michigan late February 2003, drawn to each other through their addiction for music.

A few months after forming, the band was selected out of hundreds to perform at the 2004 Rock City Music Festival . The Grande Nationals impressed a crowd of over 3000 of their growing fan base with their dynamic stage performance. They followed there performance with an opening slot on the legendary Grande Funk Railroad show at the famed DTE Energy Music Theater, The 2005 MCM Conference, Detroit's premier music conference, and the 2005 Vans Warped Tour. Keeping themselves busy, Grande Nationals embarked on their own self booked, self promoted east coast tour during the summer. The band continues to gain recognition with press write-ups and airplay from stations such as 88.7 FM and 94.7 FM in Detroit.

Initially, the Detroit quartet produced a Self Titled demo consisting of seven songs, which includes the original raw sound of "John The Baptist" and "Meet Me at the Hotel". They have since sold almost 1000 copies of the basement quality demo and gathered quite a following.

Channeling retrofitted rock ‘n roll, catchy riffs, and pop beats, their sound captures the familiarity of timeless rock, but remains eminently fresh and original. The Grande Nationals blend together irresistible hooks, Intense Lyrics, and raw energy to create an addictive sound forged by an eclectic array of musical influences.

The Grande Nationals will drag you into their wall of sound, surrounding you with music once heard only on 70’s vinyl records. They will make you dance and sing along. This is music for all the music-lovers. For those who want more than listening pleasure, but those who actually want to feel it, to breathe it, to live, and to experience it.