Grandmaster Cockroach
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Grandmaster Cockroach

Athens, Attica, Greece | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF

Athens, Attica, Greece | SELF
Established on Jan, 2017
Duo Rock Noise




"Album Review"

"The absence of the guitar is not obvious, as Luke's work is enough to create a very electric and complete sound. Their influences vary a lot and they related with a broad range of hard music, making them an interesting alternative rock album. It might sound as a cliché, however each song has something different to offer and they manage to create a result that doesn't sound the same from start to finish. Having only two instruments does not limit them, but rather gives them plenty of room to spread their ideas...
A release that shows a band willing to experiment, trying to make their own sound." - RockPages

"Live Review: Grandmaster Cockroach @ Underathens, 7/12/2019"

The Grandmaster Cockroach from Athens became present in an unsuspecting time with their debut album (Music For Lousy Speakers) and after a year of existence and a proportionately regular and intense concert presence, they celebrated in the “Underathens” basement with their friends and other fans closing one cycle and starting another.

It should be noted, however, that the tracks of their unique album have so far been delivered with impetus and technical integrity by the Cockroach twin. Personally, I have seen Luke Giannakitsa, one of the twins (the other being drummer Panagiotis Siamantis) in various bands in the past, so I already had a pretty representative picture of what he can do in a voice-over scene and his bass.

The songs are written to be performed live but in my opinion the new songs, which we have heard and are now waiting for their official release, are bringing their songwriting a step further. Their hardcore rock and metal sound effects, among other things, are enriched with new Husker Du-type melodies (to name a pretty old name for reference) that make their material a little more accessible to more ears. However, it remains striking how a bass and a drum set can produce a full of sound with proper management by the performers. - Soundgaze


Music for Lousy Speakers [CD] April 2019, Self-released



Grandmaster Cockroach, the noise rock duo (bass/vocals - drums) from Greece, was formed in 2017 based on the idea that two people are enough to produce an original and at the same time complete sound. 

The members of the band are Loukas Giannakitsas, who sings and plays electric bass and Panagiotis Siamantis on the drums. Having collaborated in the past as members of other bands, they decided to unite again, but this time as a duet, and start over a new project.

Having many varied influences from the alternative scene of the last two decades such as Rage Against the Machine, Tool, Beastie Boys, Butthole Surfers and Queens of the Stone Age, created a noise rock sound.

In April 2019 they released their debut album, "Music for Lousy Speakers", and Iota5 Records took over the digital distribution of it. Having already performed live in Athens and in various greek cities, Grandmaster Cockroach aim to get their music out the world by play live shows outside Greece.

Now, Grandmaster Cockroach are in a creative process for their second album that will be recorded within 2020.