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Grand Noble

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The current product being pushed is "Guardians of The Bay, volume 1" a 20-track street album Grand Angel (Grand Noble + Archangel) has put together which showcases the many sides this duo has to offer. Such as hood songs, conceptual gems, party tracks, "real" Hip-Hop as well as political statements.


Grand Angel consists of two members: "Grand Noble" the MC and "Archangel" the main producer. Both residing from Richmond, Calif., they have endured the hardships that encompass East Bay Area life and survived. Before linking up to become Grand Angel, the two already had extensive history working together in performance, as they were introduced to each other onstage for numerous plays via theatre in Middle School and throughout High School. This eventually led them to move down to Los Angeles to pursue their music and acting careers. By combining the raw and out-of-the-ordinary talent of Archangel's music writing with Grand Noble's refined lyrics and "underground" flow, the duo was destined to get noticed.


2004 demo
2004 album - 7 Deadly Sins EP
2006 album - For The Fans (The Turf Tape)
2006 album - Guardians of The Bay, vol. 1
2007 music video - Gas Skillz -- post-production stage
2007 music video - The Dark Soul Mafia -- pre-production stage

Set List

1. Mic'forigadale -- Bay Area slang (mellow).

2. Gas Skillz -- Cars and sideshows (slow but banging, crowd participation).

3. The Bay -- Bay Area anthem (up-tempo hardcore).

4. Castle -- Support the independent underground (up-tempo lyrical spitfire).

5. Y'all Don't Know -- Hood/party song (mid-tempo crowd favorite).