Grand Sass

Grand Sass


Grand Sass is Halifax's sassiest old-timey band. Tanya and Louise met at a Kim Barlow show in 2007. They immediately started building harmonies and friendship over tea, a bass and a banjo. Jessica has since added a third voice and accomplished fiddling to the mix.


Grand Sass started at a Kim Barlow show in Halifax. Louise waved a hankie from the balcony, luring Tanya up to meet her. From the moment they left the theatre, they couldn't stop singing together. One day, Jessica walked into their kitchen with a fiddle on her back and the recipe was complete.

How to cook up some Grand Sass: Toss old-timey banjo, fiddle and bass with an occasional dash of guitar, mandolin or glockenspiel on a bed of sumptuous three part harmonies. Kick off your dirty boots and enjoy the old-timey goodness with a nice cup of tea.

These women bring a variety of skills to their music, which include oxen-driving, wood chopping, bread baking, dream interpretation, outdoor-survival and dog training.



Set List

Grand Sass balances their own original material with soulful renditions of old-timey, gospel, and bluegrass traditionals.

River (Tanya Groundwater)
Grandma (Jessica Herdman)
Forsee Lane (Tanya Groundwater)
Follow (Louise Hanavan)
Horsie (Tanya Groundwater)
Feel Loved (Tanya Groundwater)
Watermark (Jessica Herdman)
Real Thing (Tanya Groundwater)
Big Black Bag (Tanya Groundwater)