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Kansas City, Missouri, United States | SELF

Kansas City, Missouri, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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There's A Chapter (Single)



As the Century turned, restless souls danced upon the New Year, eager to experience life in a manner far different from their forefathers. These select individuals destine to cross paths in years to come were completely unaware of the others existence. One thing was certain, a beat drove each to endeavors of their heart. A beat with a tune which tried to erupt itself time and time again.
Years of disappointment would endure before any would find what they were looking for. Band after band, member after member, instrument after instrument, nothing seemed to deliver the intensity looming inside. Nothing brought forth the wave of euphoria that each expected performing to bring.
Many periods of discouragement and frustration took each their own ways. In the summer of 2005 a meeting of two created the beginning of a resting place. A peace with an agony released in a sound so pleasing each was moved. Soon after a band was formed and by 2006 gigging was everyday life. Though frustrated with some of the overall music, these two pushed the ensemble forward, recorded an EP, and even took the group on weekend tours. It seemed as though some had found their place. And while others were restless these two established a foundation. One that would be destroyed before it could begin to build.
By 2007 this group had a house, local radio play, and an unfortunate regular rotation of members. After what seemed like nothing but failure, the foundation completely crumbled. By 2008 there was nothing. Nothing but separate, individual endeavor. More frustration ensued but by late fall of 2008 it felt as though something resumed once again. Something that would bring the final group together. Not soon, no this would be as difficult an experience as any before. Ultimately with much sweeter results.
The two were back at work. The turmoil of life dumped the third into a foreign city. Jam sessions arrived and this city would eventually bring forth GrandStand. With the two meeting the third an onslaught of performance ensued. Finally this had to be it. It wasn't perfect but it was close enough to taste.
GrandStand entered 2010 releasing the single "There's A Chapter." But even with all the hope that amassed it seemed a position remained unfilled. Regular change began to ensue and the band was forced to hire bassists to continue gigging.
After numerous auditions and frustrations it seemed once again the breaking point had arrived. The band selected a bass player and things seemed to come together again. Mid 2010 spawned weekend tours and regular gigging which led GrandStand to open for national touring acts.
As the new decade approaches a delicate deliverance of rock and roll sculpts, and prepares, eager to be released. And as GrandStand approaches the Stage; your adrenaline pumping into your bones this finally hits you, engulfing your every being. You realize; This is what you've been looking for. This too is your desire. Every rock brand chunked into one. Every performance style, pyro-technique, laser beam and fog light erupted simultaneously. Every feeling, sense and emotion. This is GrandStand.