Whether puncturing amplifiers with the necks of their guitars, losing blood to capacity crowds, or covering lost 1960’s Quebec garage-rock rarities, Grand Trine demonstrate that artistically you can do whatever you want, however you want, as long as it’s good. Their favorite color is gold.


Montreal trio Grand Trine are a garage punk explosion busting with ideas, vision and raw power. In their few years together, this threesome have already created a buzz, both at home and with independant music tastemakers abroad. Together these mad, musical souls combine the venom of The Stooges and the jangle of the Velvets into a hybrid sound that has inspired many attempts at definition (proto-punk, garage, low-fi, noise, rock) - but is perhaps best described as just really great rock’n’roll.
Grand Trine's live shows have been packed from day one, and after opening for groups like The Jesus Lizard and NoMeansNo, This group's underground following has expanded to the point where their illegal loft shows are now infamous Dionysian rituals of beer, blood and broken bottles.
They have rejected the uni-dimensionality of garage revivalists and they have delivered more than the goods. Their first wide release garnered significant attention and has proven to be, among other things, an excellent rock record, a good introduction to their world, and a Trojan horse for free thinking experimental-ism.
The boys of Grand Trine are currently maintaining a rigourous and unmatched jam-schedule, playing several high-profile underground shows, and preparing tunes for two more EPs, to be released before Summer is done.


Sunglasses EP (Divorce Records)
Grand Trine/Black Feelings split 7" (Blue Skies Turn Black)

Various - Rooftop Garden BBQ Party Vol 1 (Cass, Ltd)
track: "Say It"

STREAM "I Am A Magnet"