Grand Union Hijack

Grand Union Hijack


Psychedelia. loads of reverb and swirliness. bits of The Beta Band Kasabian for modern refs.The Who and The Beatles too for oldie ones. Shoegazing rears it’s head on tracks like ‘Noone is safe’. chiming guitars and hypno riddims. has a really mature and timeless feel


Grand Union Hijack (GUHJ) are a two piece who play a Punk brand of Brit Psychedelic Indie. Ian Ellerker plays the guitar and Jim Yeomans sings and plays the drums. They met when Yeomans answered an ad for a drummer on London's Denmark Street. The duo formed Grand Union Hijack. GUHJ is what happens when two keenly observant write and record songs whilst living in two different parts of the country, London and York. The same pair couldn’t possibly pull this off live, but do with consistently explosive performances and a spoonful of swagger.

With their debut record Gun Metal Grey, out on the bands website as a free download, GUHJ take their homemade record out as an inspired live show. These eccentric and trashy songs scream for you attention - each one filled with curious wordplay and tireless metaphor. In “Mics Out”, Yeomans sings of the credentials of our leaders, "Neocon" is a blatant dig at Bush and Americas style of politics and foreign policy. "Shut Down" a catchy rant at music downloads and the death of radio as we know it rubber stamps the duos force and "Sixties Reborn" the fact that sons will always turn into their fathers. Whilst "Carry On'" covers classic hometown heartbreak, "Broken Down and Empty" a Joy Division inspired jam taken from a tape machine in a rehearsal.


Gun Metal Grey is available as a free download on

Set List

25 minutes and 8 around or so songs
all original material