Grand Vanity

Grand Vanity

 Sherman Oaks, California, USA

Husband & Wife, English & American, Rock & Pop. Incredible songs played by a quietly badass duo.


Greg and Dani Jong met atop a lion in Trafalgar Square. Greg, an Englishman, was not immediately aware he was speaking to the only drummer he'd need for the rest of his life. Dani, a Californian, did not necessarily cross the Atlantic in search of love. But that chance meeting has since spawned a partnership spanning marital, musical and continental bounds.

Having left behind England--with its televised Formula 1 Racing and freely available Wagamama--in favor of large American cars and hamburgers, the duo now known as Grand Vanity reside deep within the bowels of Greater Los Angeles. Their mission: unleash upon the world their unique brand of swaggering rock/pop.

Grand Vanity's music has been used on NBC's hit show Chuck, and the band won a songwriting contest with the John Lennon Educational Tourbus to perform at the 2011 NAMM show.

Grand Vanity's video for the song "Got A Nerve" has just been nominated in the 10th annual Independent Music Awards.


Got A Nerve

Written By: Greg Jong

You got a nerve to knock my feelings around
I'm not quite living it
You wrote the words, and now you're bringing me down
To where my limit is

Gonna hide with my lover
Move undercover
You see I fall so quickly
I'm not quite ready for you

You got a nerve to keep those feelings alive
I don't want none of it
You make it worse, the best kept secret's a lie
There is no fun in it

Seize Or Walk

Written By: Greg Jong

Note by note you read
Making sense of many years; easy, not so it seems
Peel each piece, reveal some ingratiating truth
Uncouth, yet dripping youth

I don't want to, do I need to?
Seize the day or walk away

Lost identity
Each unspoken little choice delays my voice
Modulate routine
Find significance in making tea or coffee

You And Me

Written By: Greg Jong

You and me, in the doorway
We'll wait here, avoid the fear
Though faith should be locked in my skin
Move an inch, make for your day
Prepare for the shifting floor
And break in conviction within
For I know the truth, shouldn't need the proof
Playing confidence, not on the fence

You and me, going somewhere
Don't worry, don't hurry
We'll find out what makes us alive
Breathing in, take the cool air
No hiding, deciding
To leave all the falsehood behind
For I know the truth, shouldn't need the proof
Playing confidence, not on the fence

You'll be the crown on my brow
When the sun comes out
We'll laugh in the daylight
There's no thorn in my side
Overcome by doubt
But the path will be alright

You and me, take us onward
I've seen you and I like the things you do
Here is a place I will stay
For I know the truth, shouldn't need the proof
Playing confidence, not on the fence

Home Again

Written By: Greg Jong

I may never feel home again
Home where my heart is free
I may never belong again
Here in a strange country
The land of the free

Within the dark shine through
Remind me of my youth
And stay at my side

I may never feel home again
Home at a hundred degrees
I won't answer the phone again
Tied to the call I.D.
Don't talk to me

I may never feel home again
Home of the cool iced tea
I may never be known again
Hide in my O.C.D.
It lives in me


Got A Nerve: iTunes & Bandcamp single
(featured on NBC's "Chuck" - Season 4 Episode 13)

EP-A (Ever Present Annoyance): iTunes & Bandcamp EP
(featured on Relevant Magazine's "The Drop")

Seize Or Walk: Bandcamp single

Set List

Like I'm Alive
Stay Forever
Eb Blues
Home Again
You & Me
Got A Nerve