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The best kept secret in music



The first time many outside of Central Pennsylvania had heard of Grandview was from their appearance at Furnacefest 2002. Certainly a likeable band, there was something about Grandview that won over many, in spite of the fact that they almost had nothing recorded. Two years later, their debut effort Life Under The Sun has now been released on their own January Records imprint, and the ten songs contained within are well worth the wait.

Life Under The Sun kicks off with the pop anthem Your Escape and continues on with the catchy yet thoughtful strains of The Battle In Your Mind. Listen carefully to the lyrics, and one finds a darker side of humanity and relationships. Hands is about looking beyond the circumstances of a dysfunctional relationship and daring to dream, and the powerful chorus soars. What He Knows is a potent track about finding that freedom, but realizing that it may all arrive at a tremendously emotional price. Until The World Dies is another fantastic song that will devastate the listener with its sheer intensity. The lyrics are extremely personal and compelling, driven by highly accessible music. Lead vocalist and guitarist Mitch Hood is a talented songwriter, and his expressive vocals and wistful guitar work makes the material come to vivid life. Easily the best independent CD to come out this year, it won’t be long before Grandview find themselves signed to the label of their choosing. Life Under The Sun is a powerful work that should thrill those to demand to be thoroughly moved by music of the heart. - Highwiredaze Magazine in California


Grandview is tough to pin down. Some days, I’m really, really into Grandview, and each track on Life Under the Sun feels distinct and great in its own way. Other days, I won’t be so hot on Grandview, and I’ll get bored with the sameness of the album, listen to my three favorite tracks, then turn off the album. There’s a very good reason for it too, and it makes this CD review hard to write.
There’s a very thin line between cohesiveness and homogeneity. Grandview dance over that line with reckless abandon. This band has discovered its pop/rock niche so completely and so carefully that there is not a song on here that doesn’t fit into the Grandview sound. There’s no “Lily” like there was for Mellencollie and the Infinite Sadness- each song fits into the Grandview sound in a new and brilliant way. Those with short attention spans, or short attention ears, will not find much to like in Grandview after the first couple of songs, because you’ll say that “Until the World Dies” sounds like “Fall Down”. They are different, but it’s in subtle ways that this album distinguishes itself. It took me a good 5-10 listens to find (or maybe appreciate) some of the intricate rhythms and patterns that have been funneled into this creation.
Those rhythms and patterns are the soul of Grandview- the drummer is a whizkid, serving up complex syncopations and weird rhythms that propel Grandview’s music into a whole different level of pop songwriting. The guitars are complex, but the complexity is present throughout the entire album- if you listen casually as a first listen, it will sound all the same. You have to listen to the album a couple times closely to hear the different ideas and variants to fully grasp the scope of this album.
And then you can enjoy it for the excellent album that it is. The songs here are truly stellar- complex pieces that make me cringe when I think of the amount of time put into timing and sequencing and arranging and practicing. The melodies here are infectious, especially in the standout “The Light of The Moon”, which is not a cover of a barbershop song. Not at all- it’s one of the best songs I’ve heard in 04 (*even though this is in an 05 issue, this review should’ve been in the Dec. issue that got canceled.), as there’s not just one melody, but three that are simply stunning and catchy. They then seal the deal by tracking all three at once- without instruments. That 30-second vocal medley is the moment of the album. And the great part is- it happens twice!
Grandview knows its stuff, and very well, at that. This is an album that, once appreciated, will not lose its place in your collection very easily. It succeeds on much more than just a surface level- instead of having a ‘thinking-optional’ album, Grandview has cultivated a sound that requires thinking about, humming, pondering….it’s just something unavoidable. Grandview is the thinking man’s pop band.
-Stephen Carradini - An online zine based out of Tulsa, OK


"Life Under The Sun" LP
New EP (coming soon)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Grandview is a four piece rock ensemble out of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Since their start in the Fall of 2000, Grandview has been writing songs and playing shows in the surrounding South Central Pennsylvania region creating a sound that is uniquely their own. The Grandview sound is a combination of styles that have influenced its members over the years; from the punk rock beginnings shared by some members, to the rock and acoustic backgrounds of others. Grandview has no pretensions about changing the world through what they do. They are simply making music that has integrity and substance, and is accessible to anyone who is willing to listen.

Grandview gets regular radio airplay on Central PA's WQXA 105.7 The X, and WRVV 97.3 The River

Grandview has played shows in places such as Gullifty's (New Cumberland, Pa), Dragonfly Club (Harrisburg, Pa) The Championship (Lemoyne, Pa), Tubby's Night Club (Duncannon, Pa), The Historic Blue Star (Lancaster, Pa), Club 218 (Philadelphia, Pa), The North Star Bar (Philadelphia, Pa), The Staircase (Pittston, Pa), Toad’s Place (New Haven, CT), and Fletcher's (Baltimore, MD).

The Music Appraisal
Highwire Daze Magazine
Independent Clauses

Grandview has shared the stage with: The Click Five, Andrew W.K., Aslyn, Mae, Brandtson, Big City Rock, The Juliana Theory, MxPx, P.O.D., Arthur, Further Seems Forever.

Grandview has been networking with bands and fans through their website, and websites such as and Their page on has received over 13,000 views since its start in 2004 and the songs posted there have been almost 20,000 plays. The fall of 2004 marked the independent release of their much anticipated debut album, Life Under the Sun, which is available on iTunes, iTunes Europe, iTunes UK, iTunes Canada, Napster, and in select Barnes & Noble stores in the north eastern United States, as well as through their official website,