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2012: «1989» (Indie)
Distribution : France, Canada ...

2010: «Passe Montagne» (Indie) - Airplays in radios in Quebec's province, as well as in France.

2008: «Alles Is Durven» (Irfan)
Under Semtazone band's name. Airplays in radios in Quebec's province, as well as in France.

2007: «Trafic Intense» (Irfan)
Under Semtazone band's name. Airplays in radios in Quebec's province, as well as in France.

2005: «Comme s'il en pleuvait» (Irfan)
Under Semtazone band's name.



Before finding a new home under the name of Gran Kino, this band originating from Bourgogne, in France, released albums and toured using another vehicle called Semtazone. With a lineup comprised of 6 members, they released 3 full albums under the french indie label Irfan (Les Ogres de Barback): Alles Is Durven (2008), Trafic Intense (2007) and Comme s'il en pleuvait (2005).

Right after Alles is Durven was released in 2008, they completed the Passe Montagne EP (2010), which was released independently. That's when Gran Kino, the actual lineup comprised of 4 musicians, came to life.

Most importantly, they managed to travel all over the world through all those album releases. They visited, Japan, Senegal, Germany, Poland, Canada... On tour, they met a lot of musicians, and part of them became close friends and future collaborators.

Even though their songwritting is exclusively in french, it never came across them as a barrier. And soon enough, they took what they've learned and what they've seen in their travels to create an original themed concert: 1989. Why 1989? Socially, culturally and politically, that year was quite inspiring. The collapsing of the Berlin Wall, the death of Emperor Hirohito, the Dalaï Lama's Nobel Price for Peace... were few of the major events that happened that year. So, Gran Kino asked about 30 musicians from all over the world to participate in the project. They were asked to write lyrics, give ideas, play instruments tracks... All in all, the 1989 project is made of more than 10 languages, from about 30 musicians, such as: Joey Burns & John Convertino from Calexico, Clare Manchon from Clare & the Reasons (USA), Pape Dieye (Senegal), Naim Amor, Hideaki Ono (Japan) and more. In 2011-2012, Gran Kino plans to perform this original concert on tour.
In this EPK, you can listen to 5 mix songs, all of them concerning this 1989 project, with the following artists. In order:

- Beat Box (I Love Tennis) : Juan Huevos (Chapel Hill, USA)
- Jos: Jos Kley (Netherlands)
- Sergio : Calexico (USA)
- Jane : Jane Erharhdt (Canada)
- Matador: Matador (Senegal) + Les Tambours du Bronx (France)
- Pape Dieye (Senegal)
- Clare Manchon (Clare & The Reasons)