Gran Rapids

Gran Rapids

 Seattle, Washington, USA
BandHip HopAlternative

Self Produced, Electronic Rap Music.


Formed in 2006, Gran Rapids is the Collaborative effort of the "Ultra Creative Producer/Rapper" Jay Battle and "Emcee Extraordinaire" Leach. Since Releasing their debut album "Saturday Mourning" in October 2009, Gran Rapids have quickly established themselves as one of the most entertaining live acts in Seattle.

Gran Rapids is unlike the vast majority of other Hip-Hop acts in America due to the fact that they write, record, produce, and arrange all of the music themselves. This process of creativity allows a sound that is completely original in the fact that there is absolutely no outside influence during the creative process.

Jay Battle and Leach first met while attending High School together in Seattle WA. Having both come from musical backgrounds, and sharing a very similar musical preference, they quickly began writing and recording music together through several different projects untill forming Gran Rapids in 2006.
After recording music together for several years it wasn't until late 2008 that the group first tried their hand at performing music live. After playing several successful shows they recruited drummer Jerrod Giles to the group and started playing with drums and other live instrumentation like guitar, and synth.
Finally, with several years of recording and performing under their belt, Gran Rapids released their debut album "Saturday Mourning" in October of 2009. Although released independently "Saturday Mourning" has seen a great deal of local success and is currently in the process of receiving distribution nationwide.

Gran Rapids is now spending their time promoting their debut album, while simultaneously working on an E.P. for a free online release sometime this summer.

With an unmatched work ethic and a live performance that is 2nd to none, Gran Rapids is well on the road to making some serious noise on a national level!

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Saturday Mourning - (Realeased 10-20-2009)

Set List

DJ / Drummer Intro
Jokes on You
Friday Night
Make Us
Best You can
Instrumental Interlude
Dont Stop
Us and Them

Our sets can range anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending on what is Required of us.