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Grant Ewing

San Marcos, Texas, United States

San Marcos, Texas, United States
Band Blues Soul


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"a local treasure of the first water"

If it is true that a prophet is never recognized in his own country then it's the only excuse you can have for not being a fan of the impressive talents of the Grant Ewing Band performing at the Triple Crown tonight. Led by Ewing's compelling voice, the band is an amalgam of everything that makes this area such a flashpoint for music, with equal parts of country,soul,blues,rock and Americana. This band is a local treasure of the first water. - Hap Mansfield-Scene Editor, Hap Mansfield-Scene Editor

"Ewing brings band to visit his hometown"

If it weren't for San Marcos' live music establishment, Cheatham Street Warehouse, Grant Ewing may have never crossed paths with several of his bandmates.

A few artists who got their start at the music hall, which opened in 1974, include George Strait, Charlie Sexton and Terri Hendrix.

Ewing, a 2001 King High School graduate, left Austin for San Marcos and formed the bluesy rock jazz outfit, Grant Ewing Band, six months ago. Ewing, who had grown tired of the big city, wanted to be closer to Cheatham Street Warehouse, where he bartends and performs twice a month.

"I think where I'm at had a lot to do with (the band's growth)," said the 23-year-old vocalist and lead guitarist, who was making contacts last week at the Steamboat Music Festival in Steamboat Springs, Colo.

"It's a good place for connections and a lot of people to start bands. I'm very thankful. A lot of people want to play at Cheatham Street. I'm lucky to be one of them."

Ewing met Cheatham soundman Hunter St. Marie, who is his lead guitarist. St. Marie introduced Ewing to future trombonist Eric Lenington, and bassist Sterling Finlay is the son Kent Finlay, owner of Cheatham Street Warehouse.

Other band members are drummer Jeff Botta, saxophonist Rodney Howle and electric pianist Nathaniel Klugman.

The group's first CD, "Rainmaker," featuring 12 original tracks, is available at Surf Club Records.

On Sunday, Ewing hits the stage for his first Corpus Christi show with his band at Dr. Rockit's Blues Bar. When he lived in Corpus Christi, he sang and played guitar for two years in the Texas Country band The Next Exit.

His parents, Mike and Patti Ewing, reside in Corpus Christi. Ewing taught himself guitar in 1997. Two years later, he began writing music.

"I never had any lessons," he said. "I took piano lessons for five years or so, but I never practiced. I never became any good at it and on my own, I picked up guitar and learned everything slowly but surely. My senior year in high school, I definitely knew I wanted to be part of the music industry."

Sometime next month, his Web site,, should be up and running.

After Ewing graduates in the spring with his associate's degree in commercial music management from Austin Community College, he says he'll have time to travel with the band. Ewing hasn't played concerts out of state.

"That degree is more of a backup plan," he said. "I'd much rather play with the band, keep booking and get as far as we can. But if that doesn't work, I'll try to find a job. I'm playing it by ear."

Inspired by Dave Matthews, Tom Waits and the late Ray Charles, Ewing has written songs including the fun classic blues tune "All Night Rambling" and the fast swing single "Down Again."

He also delivers his version of "(Night Time Is) The Right Time" by the late Ray Charles.

Ewing prefers the current musical style of his band in comparison to what he has done in the past.

"I think (blues-rock) is a lot more fitting for me," he admitted. "It's a lot more natural. The country thing didn't really work for me. I was just kind of following the crowd in high school." - Cassandra Hinojosa Caller-Times

"Soulful and captivating"

"From soulful lyrics to rock racing rhythms, The Grant Ewing Band always delivers a captivating musical experience." - Brian Scofield, owner, Lucy's Retired Surfer's Bar

"Kick ass"

"They're a kick-ass band. They show up and kick ass." - Kent Finlay, Cheatham Street Warehouse

"Sham Wow"

"Hey camera gettin this? The Grant Ewing Band soaks up the crowd with one song. If the Germans love it, you know its gotta be good!!!" - Squirrel, manager Dr. Rockits Blues Bar

"Innovative and Talented"

"I've always said good music is good music, regardless of a genre. Rarely do you find a band so talented and innovative they can only be labeled 'good music'. If you have never heard the Grant Ewing Band, prepare yourselves people, this band is for real." - Brady Black- Musician

"GEB Shakes up Hub City"

Music fans in the depot district were treated to a great show Thursday at the Blue Light courtesy of the Grant Ewing Band.
Driving all the way up from San Marcos, the blues rock group hoped the trek to Lubbock would increase their fan base as well as promote their new album “Move.”
Before the performance, lead singer Grant Ewing said the band had something different than the average West Texas bar band.
“We don’t fly under any specific genre,” Ewing said when asked what listeners could expect from the band’s music.
Ranging from swinging blues to soulful rock and energetic country, the group offers music for a wide range of tastes. With influences like the Dave Matthews Band, Ray Charles and Otis Redding, one of group’s main goals is to inspire others to be artists themselves.
From the show opener, listeners recognized Grant’s strong Dave Matthews influence. The high-energy jam band style and deft soloing make the group seem only a violin and a soprano saxophone short of the real DMB.
The songs were tightly executed and energetic one track and smoldering in blues and soul the next. Guitarist Hunter St. Marie and pianist Nathaniel Clugman exchanged masterful solos all night long, unafraid to take on blues, rock, soul and country riffs.
As one particularly slow but passionate blues song wound down, drummer Jake Sutton suddenly threw the tempo into overdrive and launched into a raging country jam. The transition seemed to get the entire room excited as the song dashed forward at break-neck pace that would have the best two steppers hard pressed to keep up.
The Grand Ewing Band’s seamless navigation between genres was a true testament to its musicianship and talent. They executed dynamic falls and rises perfectly, weaving the individual sounds together.
Everyone present seemed impressed by the show. When asked about the bands performance, music lover Sarah Yost said the band had an “enthusiastic live performance and a really great stage presence. They add a new feel bringing their sound into pop music but staying true to their blues sound.”
The management of the Blue Light also took note of the band’s skill and positive reception by the crowd.
“I have been working here for three-and-a-half years, and these guys shook my ear more than normal,” Manager Ryan Murphy said.
Unfortunately the relative anonymity of the group did not bring a large crowd to the Blue Light, but the response of those present were a testament to the quality of the music. Murphy mentioned he looks forward to another visit from the Grant Ewing Band.
“We will definitely try to get them back on a better night,” he said.
The Grant Ewing Band’s ability to shift from genre to genre and maintain a constant level of musical quality and energy sets them apart from the average West Texas bar band. Music lovers in Lubbock would do well to watch for the next time they make it up to Hub City. - Daily Toreador


Grant Ewing - Rainmaker(2005)
Grant Ewing Band - Move(2009)
Grant Ewing-The Buzz of a City Night(2013)



Grant Ewing is a modern soul singer with strong ties to blues and rock elements. Great songwriting, powerful vocals, and well thought out arrangements make this dynamic group's explosive live performance captivate audiences wherever they go. With the release of his new full-length record "The Buzz of a City Night", Ewing is breaking new ground while staying true to the music that moved him .

As with all developing artists, the sound of Ewing's music has shifted and evolved through the years. His freshman release, "Rainmaker," touches on the multi-genre appeal of someone discovering their own sound. The openly improvised saxophone solos of Kris Kimura and slick free-form drumming of Jeff Botta add a unique feel to the record that could never be replicated. Ewing's melodic exploration and guitarist Hunter St. Marie's blues influenced contributions make "Rainmaker" hold a strong appeal to listeners through it's raw and honest approach.

In working towards the next album, "Move," the band went through a period of experimentation with different members and songwriting approaches. With the addition of Nathaniel Klugman, Jake Sutton, and Colin Colby the five members began to work towards a new sound and continued to play extensively throughout the state. "Move" was recorded with this line-up and was a step in a new direction for the band that broadened appeal from listeners of many different genres. The band continued to play together for the next few years to come, eventually settling into a unique sound heavily influenced by the soul music of the 1960's.

Now, that sound has been sculpted and shaped into something that can only be described as powerful. We strive to continue to expand the limits of our abilities and are pleased to bring you our new album, "The Buzz of a City Night", released in May of 2013.