Grant James

Grant James


Contemporary blues using melodic resonator guitars to re-create the stunning effect of slide blues.Self written songs crafted with a modern twist to the blues. Singer/songwriter


Influences are bluegrass music, early 1930's country blues and electric blues. Artists in particular Elmore James, Robert Johnson, BBKing, Keb Mo.
Ability to actively engage the audience, and entertain with unique guitar sounds and vision.
First heard slide guitar at age of 15yrs. Born in Canada, brought up in the UK where I have played in various blues bands, up to 2002 when I went solo and started to write my own compositions.


Stones out my bed

Written By: Grant James

Everything is silent
With my eyes upon the rocks
I'm over at the glasshouse
Looking out on empty docks
take me to your goldmine
Show me the dreams in your head
I'm begging with you lover
Kick these stones out of my bed.

Youve met my brother Michael
he has a stone on his cross
eyes that burn your heart out
Just like chilli sauce
I got 3 wheels on my mercedes
still got a mission in my head
I'm begging with you lover
Kick these stones out of my bed


Demo CD

Set List

2hour set list (National & Dobro guitars with vocals).
Robert Johhson, Elmore James, BBKing, early Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, own compositions.