Grant Langston

Grant Langston

 Los Angeles, California, USA

It's Smart Ass Pop...Rootsy, Country, and Southern.


The mood of Grant Langston’s newest work, Road Side Service, is a firmly rooted hybrid of the two places that have had the most impact on him - Hartselle, Alabama and Los Angeles, California.

Since launching a solo career with his initial EP release, All This and Pecan Pie (1999) and thru his full length follow-up Chinese Fire Drill (2001), he’s struggled to pay homage to two separate traditions – The Alternative Country Storyteller and Roots Rock Smart-Ass within the same heartfelt songs.

With his latest Langston has used the common ground between the two. Both Deeply Southern and Deeply Southern Californian – Road Side Service focuses on the feel of the songs without worry where style it fits into.

“I just know I like Lyle Lovett records, and Son Volt records, and Wilco records…I have no idea what kind of music it really is. I don’t even know what it’s filed under in a record store.”

He lets the songwriting set the agenda and the instrumentation dress the windows. It’s an inspired schizophrenia that feels perfectly natural as he finds the connective tissue between Lyle Lovett, Cake, Johnny Cash and Barenaked Ladies.


2000 EP - All This and Pecan Pie
2001 LP - Chinese Fire Drill
2004 LP - Road Side Service
2006 LP - Koreatown