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grant lyle


Grant Lyle is quickly becoming one of Toronto's favorite power soul-blues performers. He captures the authentic feel of the old style blues but presents the music in a captivating and fresh style.


Grant Lyle is an esteemed blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter within the Canadian music scene. Having played professionally in clubs, festivals and with four recorded CDs, Grant has developed a strong and loyal following. In addition to his own musical pursuits, he has played with a plethora of great, professional Canadian and American artists. As a recognized music professional, Grant is a member of SOCAN and SAC.

Over the years Grant has received a great deal of media attention, including television appearances on Breakfast Television and CKVR’s Grow TV where his original music was used for the duration of the show. In addition, Ontv, CityTV, CKVR, and CBC television have featured him performing live.
His CD's have received local airtime on CJRT, CBC, CIUT, CKLN, CKVS and others. As well, in 2002 he performed live on Mojo radio. And, throughout the world his music is heard in a variety of countries including Russia, France, England, USA, and Spain. Grant can also be heard on the Internet through a variety of online websites.

He has been favourably reviewed in numerous publications including the National Post, Toronto Star, Toronto Blues Society, Exclaim!, and Blues On Stage as well as many other magazines, e-zines, local papers and journals.

In 2001, Grant Lyle was recognized within the top 10 of Canadian blues artists by Real Blues magazine based in British Columbia. Another notable achievement in this year was a licensing deal with a German record company, Taxim, for his album, Traces.

Since May of 2003, Grant Lyle, in collaboration with bassist Kevin Green, has been writing original, contemporary material.

Over the past year the band has been performing these new songs to audiences in clubs and festivals throughout Ontario and the reactions have been extremely positive. Equally, bar owners and booking agents have endorsed the original material.

Music is a requirement to the happiness and fulfilment of humanity. With these interests in mind, Grant Lyle and his band strive to develop compositions, recordings, and performances that are inspiring and positive to diverse and wide-ranging audiences.


Live At Healey's
(2003) Independent
1. Hi Heel Sneakers (6:31)
2. Whipping Post (10:25)
3. Can't Stop Loving My Baby (4:34)
4. Trouble Trouble Trouble (11:21)
5. Give Me One Reason (8:13)

(2002) Taxim Records
1. Found The One (4:26)
2. It's Worth It (3:24)
3. Can't Be Satisfied (2:59)
4. Don't Go No Farther (2:48)
5. Traces (6:19)
6. Make It Alright (3:15)
7. Can't Stop Loving My Baby (2:41)
8. Down On Bending Knee (3:55)
9. Just A Stranger (3:44)
10. Ain't Nobody's Business (3:33)
11. Dig (3:58)
12. All Your Love (3:07)
13. Another Mile (4:47)
14. Mellow Down Easy (2:23)
15. Shufflin' (3:17)

It's Worth It
(2001) Independent
1. It's Worth It (3:25)
2. Don't Go No Farther (2:50)
3. Can't Stop Loving My Baby (2:42)
4. Dig (3:57)
5. Down On Bending Knee (3:57)
6. Another Mile (4:47)
7. Found The One (4:27)
8. Traces (6:19)
9. Satellite (3:33)
10. Mellow Down Easy (2:24)

(1999) Independent
1. Just A Stranger (3:47)
2. Walkin' Away (3:15)
3. Ain't Nobody's Business (3:37)
4. Shufflin' (3:19)
5. I Miss You So (3:01)
6. Make It Alright (3:18)
7. All Your Love (3:09)
8. Cryin' Wolf (3:13)
9. Can't Be Satisfied (3:03)
10. Reflection (3:56)

Set List

Grant Lyle can provide a evening's entertainment ranging from a full ensemble to solo performances.

Any length of program that needs to be filled can be accommodated.

Sets include select covers and/or original material.

Examples of Cover Tunes Include:
Pride and Joy (Stevie Ray Vaughan)
Mellow Down Easy (Little Walter)
Lucille (Little Richard)
She's Got It (Muddy Waters)
Just a Stranger (Elmore James)
Don't Go No Further (Willie Dixon)
Down On Bended Knee (Johnny Copeland)
I Miss You So (Otis Rush)
Look What All You Got (Buddy Guy)

Original songs include:
Found The One
In Deep
It's Worth It
I Will Love Again