Grant Massey

Grant Massey


Grant Massey's music is full of thoughtful folk tunes that draw influences from a myriad of sources, from the melancholy prose of T.S. Eliot to the developmental theories of Hermans and Gregg. It is upbeat and intimate, providing a full sound from a two man ensemble.


Grant Massey is a singer/songwriter from Farmersville, Texas. He began playing the guitar at the end of high school, already having experience with the piano, the bass, and the trumpet. By the time he found himself in Marshall, Texas a few years later, songs began to appear, inspired by the frustrations and mysteries of daily happenings.
Around this time he got his hands on T.S. Eliot’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, causing him to develop a hunger for literature to couple with his hunger for understanding of the world around him. These deeper thoughts began to plumb the depths of his mind causing even more songs to appear as he sat outside and contemplated these heavier things.
Things were beginning to make sense. As he surveyed the landscapes around him, connections with ideas were made. He would look at a bowl of wax apples and see Augustine’s theory of limited good; townsfolk daily interacting transforms into Hermans and Gregg’s theory of the multiple self. Walt Whitman, Karen Horney, and Conrad Aiken were consumed with equal voraciousness and more songs began to spill forth, all seeking to understand the workings of the self and how it operated.
Through it all he decided that man will always seek an explanation for things, a consistency in the world around them. It was at this point Blame it on the Weather was born. It deals with the question “Would it be worth it all?” sifting through fears and institutions and trying to find the extent of hope and courage while maintaining a tongue in cheek attitude.
This music is folk by nature, but flirts with pop and rock while trying to maintain an earthy feel. It keeps a simple structure while trying to grapple not so simple ideas.



Written By: Grant Massey

Jack was up late again last night
He didn’t know where he was going
His half-eaten t.v. dinners laugh at him
They laugh at him

His empty chairs cry out
But no one’s listening
So dream tonight Jack, it’s better than here
Just escape to the back of your eyelids

So he can blame it on the weather
He can blame it on the stars
He can blame it on the aftermath
‘Cause that’s what broke his heart

Don’t wake our dear old slumbering Jack
He only has an axe to grind
But in the back of his mind lies an overwhelming question
Oh, do not ask “What is it?”
Just run home Jack

So you can blame it on the weather
You can blame it on the stars
You can blame it on the ramparts
‘Cause that’s what keeps you apart

He’s known them already, he’s known them all
He’s measured his life in those half-eaten t.v. dinners
This half-lived life
See he knows what they’ll do to him
Like I know what you’d do to me
So just leave Jack alone
Just leave me

So do we blame it on the weather?
Should we blame it on the stars?
Or can we blame it on my confidence
‘Cause that’s what seems so small?

Or I could blame it on my circumstances
Or I could throw it all at God
But I’ll leave you with this afterthought
That it could be worth it all

Going to the Country

Written By: Grant Massey

The power lines are falling down on me
The traffic lights are just too bright to see
Shall I regress till grass grows beneath my feet
Either way, I know one thing’s for sure

I can’t stay at home
There’s to many locks on our doors

So pack my bags, I’m going to the country
These streets will never do their job for me
So tell me that there’s fish in this stream for two
I laugh and say it’s all about time

Take my phone I don’t need it anymore
All I need is coming along with me
City Hall said I was lost the minute my foot stepped off of the concrete
Which reminds me friend, I’ve been meaning to tell you

You taught me this song
You hummed it in my ear

I’m sure this time I won’t be able to stop
Those words they gave me only seem to work just once
So tell all those searchers with my name in mind
I traded the jungle for the woods
I traded it for my sanity

Traffic Lights

Written By: Grant Massey

Now I understand just how long it takes me
To get past all the silly things I’ve done, I know
I bet you think I forgot that one time we got caught
Kissin’ after Sunday School

What do you remember? What about our last talk?
You know the one when you changed your mind about me?
You said I was crazy, now I know you’re right
I’m sorry for the mess I’ve made

But someone turned the key
The pedal strangely hit the floor
And the traffic lights, they misled me again
And somehow I wound up at your door

My questions they flood in, like how long is a long time?
And is there life after way too late?
Is escape up to choice or is there something in your voice?
What’s the difference between the shade and the shadows?

I hope this is the last time
But for your sake or mine, I can’t really say
And I know it’s been a while
But I’ve been halfway around this crazy world and let me say
That there’s no one like you

Old Men & Their Honor

Written By: Grant Massey

Sing me a song of a line-faced sojourner
Of the pine trees and the thunder
And how there’s hope for us yet
Spin me a tale of a backwater people
That sold the church’s steeple
To buy us food and give us clothes

Sing me a song of the thinkers and the fakers
Of the German code breakers
And those few times I felt at home
Teach me the rhyme of the king and his splendor
Of the prophet and his Fender
He’s tellin’ us all to wipe our nose

He says that these things make me pause in wonder
Of something torn asunder, trying to find its way back home
But I see these things through a dim glass, darting around a corner
Calling out my name

Sing me a song of the knights and their armor
Of old men and their honor
And women who always tell the truth
Write me a line from the top of that mountain
Of the warriors and their shouting
And that pretty girl across the street

Sing me a song of a kinsman redeemer
Of a house of pipe cleaners
And how it shudders as we speak
Rock me to sleep with the winds of redemption
To ease this foul conniption
It’s finally brought me to my knees


Blame it on the Weather - 2008

Set List

We can play for up to 3 hours. Sets are usually 45 minutes to an hour and have 10-12 songs

Covers: Neil Young, Guster, Sufjan Stevens, Andrew Bird, The Hush Sound, Rocky Votolato