Grant McLachlan

Grant McLachlan


An acoustic duo described as a country/blues hybrid, putting there hearts on the table, playing the music they love and having fun doing it.


The Story So Far…
Early 2001, Nipper (Grant), along with Greg Jordan formed the country blues hybrid duo known as the Very Handsome Men who perform at various venues in Melbourne at least 3 times per week, including regular bookings at the St Andrews Hotel, St Andrews. The St Andrews Hotel has a passion for country blues roots music and is one of the most popular music venues in Victoria.

Nipper has also convinced various venues around Melbourne to try country blues as part of their live entertainment program. This venture has been successful and has resulted in the Very Handsome Men, as well as other performers being booked into these venues.

Very Handsome Men have appeared twice on Channel 31 on Russ Kellett,s Melbourne with an interview and live footage filmed at the Yak Speakeasy, Abbotsford, Melb.

Also, their cd, "We Are", is selling well at the venues and getting airplay on 3PBS and Northwest FM and now some stations in New Zealand.


CD; Very Handsome Men....We Are.