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Grant Morris


I am a country songwriter and guitar player. Working on a career as a professional songwriter. Looking to co-write.

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Walk Away

Written By: Grant Morris

“Walk Away”
By Grant Morris

VERSE 1: You’re hurting bad as you try to hide the black and blue stained tears
From rolling down your face
And he don’t care, cause’ he knows that you’ll never walk away
So he just keeps on treating you this way

CHORUS: Walk away, walk away from all the hurting in your life
Leave now, don’t stay another day, so you can mend all that’s not right
You know you do deserve some more
Compassion and love than what’s been shown before
So just walk away

VERSE 2: Sticks and stones, they say will break your bones but the words won’t hurt
Yet the words he’s using everyday
They tear right through your heart and leave you standing scared and alone
In a place, that you don’t deserve and you shouldn’t have to face everyday


BRIDGE: (so just walk away) from the hand that has caused all your fear
That voice in your life that’s caused many a tear
That place inside that you try to forget
If you walk away now then you’ll have no regrets