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I am music. I Love music. I live music. Im not a band. Im a solo artist. Some could call me a rapper, or a spitter. I call myself A Musician. HipHop/Rap to me is more than just base and lyrics. Its a feel to the sound and the rhythem that not many can do. Real metaphors with deep meaning and sounds that get you moving. My idea is making music thats attractive to the ear but still carrying a deep meaning to it. So far in my Music career i've been performing live on stage since the age of 16. Ive

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Night Life

Written By: Samuel (Grap3z) Hernandez

10 pm bearly bathe myself in cologne,
even though later i'll be smelling like patrone,
night of haters night full of hoes,
night full of stars and night full of shmoes,
dreams coming true tonight,
got the finest girl to my side,
and you know she ride or die with me in west side,

got my cali swag on, tell them haters back off,
got my apparel fresh on,
im going out tonight,

got my cali swagg on,
crusing the block we blast off,
chick on the side she way hot,
im getting some tonight,

got to love the life we living,
not give a fuck all night we drinking,
flirt all night wit different women,
i love the night life,

ha never get dropped by a shot,
alwayz in my zone like a bum inside a box,
alwayz on my own like the kid who didnt talk,
friday night im conversating i know your really shocked,
vans got my feet feeling heavenly like im so fly,
but not really i just lost myself into your eyes,
dam baby you so dam fine,
and how many treats jus to make u mine,
and how many tricks did i pass by,
to find u at this party tonight,
ur brighten my night up like the moon light,
u are the star fallin down on my cloud nine,
i kno ur not mary or jane but im high,
a lil tipsy too baby am i drunk blind,
i dont kno honey but i will behive,
sting u wit my love from the behind, for the night,

neva stop drinkin alwayz sippin on sum mix,
always flirtin wit a bitch dat be touchin on my,
dam dont stop do it like dat song,
dat said pop lock and drop mmm,
oh i got side tracked for a second,
thinkin about the booty i meant the beauty that is a blessin,
hahah im so nasty but i will own up to it,
and if u want some of it come holla then,
the night gets early the party still poppin,
the grind on me type of songs got them panties dropin,
u kissn me and im teasin u,
jus a start to the night that ill be pleasing u,
and after words ull be txtn me im missing u,
and ill be like dats cool baby im fishin in the pool,
too many fish in the sea to be stuck on yu,
one night wit me is forever and thats the truth,