Graphs and Points

Graphs and Points


Graphs and Points is a talented band with thoroughly-crafted, story-telling songs where every instrument and every note contributes to the narratives and pushes them forward.


What do California, Ohio, and Virginia have in common? Each is a location where a Graphs and Points member hails from. And Berklee College of Music was the potent dung that brought together these three flies in a fate-like manner in November, 2005.

One month, seven self-recorded songs, and one demo EP later – the group would endure a grueling test of distance and time that would make most new couples seek out other mates, as Burgos headed to Athens, Greece for half a year to participate in Berklee's first-ever study abroad program. "No amount of feta cheese could keep me from coming back," Burgos said, "but DAMN, their beaches were awesome! Why didn't I stay there again? Oh yeah, the band."

Now after seven months of patiently waiting, working, and creating, Graphs and Points is more than eager to get on stage and entertain the masses with what one college radio DJ described as "the freshest take on modern rock I've heard to date." "Our influences range from Saves the Day to Elvis Costello to the Dismemberment Plan among many others because we've all come from different backgrounds geographically and musically," said Scott Brown, who is also versed in jazz trumpet. "If I had to choose three songs off the EP for people to get a vibe of Graphs and Points, they'd be 'Sonnet,' 'Not Tonight, Not Ever,' and 'Graphs and Points,'" Brown concluded.



Written By: Scott Brown

There's water seeping under my door
with constant advice to stop the flood
pale light, weak from above
yet never good enough my dear
we spin the world on our fears

Dry hearts long for more
in swimming through what's become
splashing hopes that soak my tongue
my intentions seldom meet your ear
memories of when our hearts drew near

I'm not where I want to be
I'm trapped tight
I'm nowhere without you

Note: The lyrics for the song were originally set into a "sonnet" form (14 lines long, set in 2 sections of 8 and 6 with some specific rhyme scheme), hence the name of the song. Then it was fitted to the song and became what you see here.

Not Tonight, Not Ever

Written By: Scott Brown

So much time spent staring at the clock
so many days wasted away
you're so numb you won't feel the shock
that you can't tell when you're wrong
I've stuck around for way too long

I won't be coming in through the back door anymore
you won't find me killing flies in the basement
I won't be rushing in to save your life
not tonight, not ever

There's only so much patience that I can bleed
so many nights with no end in sight
you're so numb you won't feel the shock
that you can't tell when your wrong
I've stuck around for way too long

So when the walls collapse
And the roof caves in
Will you still live by your fears?
(or will you move on?)

Graphs and Points

Written By: Scott Brown

I'm drawing GRAPHS AND plotting POINTS
on which you can find my heart
beating for what never was
and what will never be
the slope goes down, the years drag on
curve shifts to the right and
when these lines cross
the memory is etched
and clarity shines through
like a crack in the floor through which bleeds the light
breaking a new dawn

I gaze and contemplate the days
that we suffered and decayed
longing for a silent dream
ushered in by a summer breeze
the sun beats down and warms my face
eyes shift to the sky and
when these clouds break
with emptyness erased
then clarity shines through
like a crack in the floor
through which bleeds the light
breaking a new dawn

breaking through cracks in the floor

In case you were wondering, the song came before the band name.


Graphs and Points - EP (2005)

1. Borrowed From the Minor
2. Sincerely, I
3. Not Tonight, Not Ever
4. Graphs and Points
5. Friend or Faux?
6. Sonnet
7. Obliterated Hopes

Set List

Wearing Her Down
Sincerely, I
Not Tonight, Not Ever
Graphs and Points
Another Choice
Obliterated Hopes
Through These Veins
Fucked Up
Ghost Town

Encore: Friend of Faux?

Set Time: approximately 45 minutes