GRASSFOOT is one of those truly unique musical groups, who combine beautiful harmonies with heartfelt, honest lyrics. Music that can take you from light acoustic ballads to scorching, driving, hard rocking songs while still being intricate, detailed, crafted pieces of music.


Ken Hale, Grassfoot's front man, was born on the banks of the Bloody Mississippi. As a kid he wanted to be John Denver and started playing guitar at age 5. At age 16 he got serious about playing and started playing Blues Bars around Yazoo City, Greenville, Vicksburg, Natchez and Jackson, where he saw classical guitarist Giovanni DeChiaro in concert. He applied for enrollment in classical guitar studies and was accepted where he studied under him for a couple of years to broaden his musical base. From there he went on to do the band scene. After many years and many bands he moved to Gainesville, GA. where he met Johnny Massey working in a beer warehouse.
The starting of Grassfoot.
Johnny Massey, grew up in Tennille, GA. and started playing guitar at age 14, and switched to drums after a couple of garage bands. At age 16 he bought a set of Pearl Export Series drums like Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, who was his favorite drummer. He met up with Ken Hale much later and the chemistry was a perfect match.
Jason "Bootie" Smith, always had a piano and music in the house growing up. He was always noodling on guitar and drums as a kid. He grew up in Tennille, GA. where he and drummer Johnny Massey went to different schools together. Johnny started showing him guitar chords and riffs. Soon he was playing guitar in Johnny's band. Years later he moved to Califorina and took up bass and fell right into it, his obvious instrument. After several bands he hooked back up with Johnny and moved to Gainesville, GA. and the third part of the Grassfoot trio was complete. They played as a trio for 2 or 3 years around Gainesville and the Atlanta area until they met Rhonda K.
Rhonda K, was born and raised in Gainesville, GA. and has been playing guitar since the age of 10 or 11. Music was always in her house. She started writing songs at age 14 and formed her first band. At age 17 she moved to Melbourne, FL. where she formed a female duo "Twice Enchanted" and learned much about singing and perfecting her natural talents. She returned to Gainesville at age 19 to form "Poetic Device". She played for a year and watched her fan base grow. She went to a Grassfoot show and was "Blown away by the talent". Three days later she was invited to jam with the band and the sound was magic. The Complete Grassfoot!
Having signed with independent record label, Black Label Records, in 2005, they released an EP titled Kissing Tattoo, it was accepted by all fans old and new and is still being sought after.
Their debut full length album, Gestalt, is a German word emphasizing that the whole of anything is greater than it's parts, is a beautiful reflection of their intermost thoughts and musical abilities.
Grassfoot has turned many heads and gained loyal fans everywhere they play.
From the album Gestalt, "Blue Skies" is a hopeful true account of four girls riding in a car and all their hopes and dreams of where their lives will take them, where as "Letters to God" is a soul searching lament about the loss of a loved one.
The acoustic "All My Heart" shares all the fears and
emotions we all have when giving our heart and soul to another.
According to an article in the Atlanta Music Agency, March 2005, "Grassfoot has a radio friendly, good feeling sound. They have been compared with bands such as Live, Blind Melon, and some Fleetwood Mac with a harder edge.
During their energetic live show, their musicianship is evident. Although Ken does his part to hype the crowd, it's almost unnecessary. The music does the trick, and the crowd is on their feet and into it. Grassfoot does have an established following, but I'd bet they get new fans with every live show."


EP released 2005:
Kissing Tattoos- 3 song EP
Blue Skies
My Addiction
Answer Me

Soon to be released:
Gestalt - A full length CD
Blue Skies
Pretty Pathetic
All My Heart
Doormat Whore
My Addiction
Answer Me
Letters to God
Where I Never Should Have Gone