Grasshopper Kill Net

Grasshopper Kill Net


GKN creates and produces commercial music. Anything from scores to jingles and soundtracks. The music is layered and connects to the listener on multiple levels. The most important thing about Grasshopper Kill NEt is that every song contains a message and or tells a story. GKN provides a service


To keep it short and sweet: I was a musician, I've been burned by many musicians. Influenced by the greatest. Learned just about everything along the way and now arrange compose and produce. GKN is a story, it is mood, it is music with multiple layered tracks and melodies. GKN is different and trendy. GKN will originate and remain creative while the competition falls short. GKN predicts the unpredictable.



Written By: sterlectric




Set List

GKN does not perform. GKN provides music for commercial use. You can select from a library of tracks, or request custom music.