Falun, Dalarna, SWE

Hard driving traditional bluegrass.


In 2007 a band was formed informally by the mandolin player and singer Lasse Blom to a workshop session at the Country Music Championships. That was so nice and fun so the idea for Grassride was born. The band became so popular that it surprisingly was nominated for the Country Championships in 2008. However, a month before the show Lasse Blom left the band and was replaced by Ingemar Back. The band had a short time to rehearse the songs. Things went well for Grassride and the band won the title in the bluegrass category.
Grassride works a lot with different tempos, three lead singers and works a lot with vocal harmonies, all to get as much variety as possible.

Although Grassride is relatively new as a band, the members have extensive experience in bluegrass / country / rockabilly and other genres. The members have played with: Bluegrass Swedes, Country Comfort, Cayenne, Weeds, Door and Moor, John Lindberg Trio, Thomas Haglund Band, Country Cream, Dough Bite, Deliverance, Black Creek etc.

Grassride has played a lot in Sweden but has also visited other countries. Grassride has played at: Torsåkers Bluegrass Festival, Torsby Country Festival, Gränna Bluegrass & Oldtime Festival, Lida Country Festival, Furuvik Country Fair, Ultimate Country Cruise, Karens Minde (Denmark), Carlshamns Country Festival, Säterdalen, Holmsveden Western Day, DCMC's Country Jam etc.
Grassride has several bluegrass gospels in the repertoire and has played at several church services.