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Grave Robber

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | INDIE

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2005
Band Rock Punk




" (Oct 26, 2011)"

“Wow… on their new disc, the horror punk band pulls out all the stops, releasing a record that is much more mature than their previous efforts. While the trademark Grave Robber sound and spiritual message are still intact, the songs are bigger, tighter, heavier and more powerful than anything they have released before.” - - Bruce Moore

"White Throne Metal Reviews"

“You’re All Gonna Die! Has taken the Grave Robber zombie’s to another level as far as songwriting and production goes. The guitars sound crisp and punchy, the strong rhythm section is tighter than a body bag, and the vocals are even stronger than what was on their previous releases (Inner Sanctum, Be Afraid and Exhumed). The extra effort here has paid off in spades.” -

"Indie Vision Music (Oct 18, 2011)"

“Grave Robber is about to release their next album, You’re All Gonna Die! and it is an album that has well exceeded all of my personal expectations. If you’ve been a fan of Grave Robbers albums up to this point, this CD will be no exception. If you’ve never given them a listen before or if you haven’t been impressed up til now, this CD may surprise you as there are many deviations from the bands previous offerings and has something for everyone.” - Rob J

"Metal, Punk, and Hard Rock Reviews (Apr 04, 2011)"

“The surprise musical twist was ‘Fill This Place With Blood’ with the time changes and shredding that verges on technical thrash territory. My favourites are the high octane cover version of ‘Lion Of Judah’ and their ode to “The Nightmare Before Christmas” in ‘You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch’. Wretched states “We wanted to put a final cap on a couple things before moving on. We rerecorded two songs, one Army Of The Dead we intend to shoot a video for. We always thought we could have done "Grinch" better, so we took the opportunity to do so. We really loved the Our Corpse Destroyed tune and the FBS tune, so we took advantage of the opportunity to do our own spin on those two tracks. Since the title was "Exhumed", we decided to "dig up" our very first demos in order to accomplish showing how far we've come and to give collectors the chance to have absolutely everything we've ever done!”” - Peter John Willoughby


“More Metal parts to detect as on their debut album and I'm glad with that! A blend of Metal, Classic Rock, Street Punk Rock, Rock-A-Billy, 70s Glam Rock,… actually a band versatile through and through. For fans of Danzig, Type O’ Negative, Vardis, Misfits, …;” -

"Whatz Up Magazine"

“Grave Robber do not mince words or waste time beating around the bush. Their mission is “to scare the hell out of you.” With three chords and the cold, hard truth they easily accomplish their goal. It doesn’t get any scarier than that.” - Chris Hupe

"No Life 'til Metal"

“Whooooah! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! The banshee cry of the undead? The bone chilling sounds of attacking zombies? No, it’s the calling card of our favorite shovel carrying, corpse, punk-rawk band Grave Robber.” -

"The Metal Resource"

Much like their previous releases, Grave Robber has once again managed to combine clever lyrics, driving fast, metal-tinged punk rock guitars, an incredible rhythm section, and Wretched’s distinctive vocals into a great package and finished it off with a fuller sound and a sense of urgency, making this (Escaping The Grave) arguably one of their best. - John Jackson

"Jesus Freak Hideout"

“Theirs is akin to a classic punk rock style and nothing like the modern or pop punk sounds of, let's say, Yellowcard or Green Day. It's fast and furious and hardly ever lets up. There's also something charming about punk songs that are under two minutes long; it's the epitome of "we've got something to say, so let's just say it and get it over with." Grave Robber has a point they want to get across to the listener, and it's an important one.” - Scott Fryberger

"Giants In The Sound"

“I gave Grave Robber’s Straight to Hell EP, a “4.5 bloody shovels out of five” rating and Escaping the Grave tops even that record. Escaping the Grave is a welcome look back to Grave Robber’s straight up fast punk roots while charging forward with a fresh new energy. Escaping the Grave is a masterful collection of blood spattered punk rock.” - Darcy Rumble


“I love the energy and speed of the faster songs with hardcore vibe transforming into nice melodies and anthemic choruses just made for singing at the gigs from the top of your lungs. Vocalist Wretched sounds better than ever and the musicianship of the band as a whole is so tight that I weep the bloody tears listening to the album.” - Vlad Kraykulla


Be Afraid
Inner Sanctum
You're All Gonna Die
Escaping The Grave
Dry Bones
Scary Christmas To You

Love Hurts
Straight To Hell
Untote Leichen



Grave Robber

Shambling, unblinking, unthinking masses of the dead - looming forward with but on pressing, dominating goal; to devour your brain and absorb your essence.  While Fort Wayne's finest in horror punk have this goal of cranial domination in common with hordes of walking dead, they are anything but shambling or unthinking.  Rip-roaring with the fury of a foam-mouthed and frothing werewolf, Grave Robber bring a unique, hardcore-tinted feel to their hard-hitting brand of horror punk that will make fans of aggressive punk from The Misfits to the theatrical presentation  of Alice Cooper rejoice. 

Hard at work horrifying the masses since 2005, Grave Robber have been anything but idle.  Combining bouncy, catchy percussion with riffs and guitar solos as sharp as Dracula's fangs, Grave Robber's rugged and raunchy releases - "Be Afraid", "Inner Sanctum", "Exhumed", "You're All Gonna Die", “Straight To Hell”, "Escaping The Grave", "Dry Bones", and "Scary Christmas To You" - have garnered these horror rockers well deserved press worldwide from acclaimed punk and metal outlets alike for a good reason.  Each song by these prolific punks creates an immersive and haunting atmosphere that has listeners so engaged that they are constantly glancing over their shoulders wondering if Grave Robber is coming for them next.

Grave Robber shows no sign of slowing down and similar to a herd of zombies, their fan base continues to expand.  Grave Robber’s musical message of hope married to their theatrical delivery infects more unsuspecting victims daily.

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