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The best kept secret in music


""Perceptions for the Colorblind" EP Review"

"[Perceptions for the Colorblind] kicks off with the forceful "Flashbacks." This song shows the basic formula for Gravehaven's songwriting: intricate guitars, a driving rhythm, and a big melodic hook. It is great to hear a band whose choruses sound natural instead of forced. This could be due to the sincere vocal delivery of Benjamin Grenville who was previously a low-key singer/songwriter in the Boston area. "Fired and Cast" opens with a metal influence that sounds similar to old Cave In or Thrice. The drumming is impressive at maintaining the fast rhythm while having a voice of its own. [...]

The album clocks in at just under 28 minutes which is satisfying for an EP. In the congested yet talented Boston scene, Gravehaven shows a lot of promise. They may be one of the best unsigned bands that you need to hear. They have managed to write a creative and enticing debut release. There is still plenty of room for improvement and I am looking forward to hearing a full-length from these guys in the future."

--Dave Spak, -

""Perceptions for the Colorblind" EP Review"

"About six months ago, I reviewed a three-song EP from Gravehaven, and it sounded pretty good. With this new six-song outing, there's no question that these guys have been practicing. The sound is bigger, more dynamic, and certainly more colorful. One thing that remains consistent with all of Gravehaven's work is their ability to have the band constantly exploding with tasteful solos without becoming a mess; the melody is always king. There's more of an atmospheric quality to this EP, which hints of Hum and Cave In. With that in mind, I could see this band appealing to a number of audiences from hardcore and emo to straight rock fans. "

-- Fillmore Slim, The Noise - The Noise

"Spotlight On: Gravehaven"

"I've been troubled in finding ways to describe this five-piece band from Boston. The group opts for the wording "progressive rock/punk outfit," but I think that undercuts how intense the band sounds. With a six song EP that was recorded at the always great sounding Q Division studios, GRAVEHAVEN aren't settling for anything amateurish."

-- Jordan A. Baker, Editor, PASTEPUNK.COM -

"A Few Words from Shred"

"Gravehaven shows much promise... it is very worthwhile for your ears to hear them."

-- Shred, WBCN 104.1 FM DJ - WBCN 104.1 FM

""Perceptions for the Colorblind" EP Review"

"With this EP, Gravehaven has proven they can play with the big dogs!"

-- Matthew Ebel, High Orbit Podcast - High Orbit Podcast

"Demo Review"

"Gravehaven's sound kinda takes me back a bit when dissonance and time changes could still rock and harmonies over muted chords got the girls. Although these tunes are pretty accessible, there's a LOT going on in here setting apart from that garbage on the radio; here's a talented group of musicians... In a sense, there's a refreshing inscrutability to these lyrics because I�m not hearing anything about ex-girlfriends but instead a mesh of dark poetry. Well written and executed, Gravehaven's disc may have me dusting off some old records, and catching their show."

-- Fillmore Slim, The Noise - The Noise


11/2007: Preproduction for Summer 2008 Release

9/19/2006: "Perceptions for the Colorblind" EP
(Available on iTunes, Rhapsody,

12/2005: "Life As A Verse" Demo Tapes



Gravehaven is an original, five-piece progressive epic rock outfit based in Boston. After years of scattered playing across northern New England, the group knew that the addition of a new musician could infuse their sound with colorful ideas and an experimental mindset. In late 2005, Gravehaven discovered Benjamin Grenville, an experienced acoustic performer in Boston. Seemingly a curious fit, the low-key singer-songwriter fronting a hard rock band like Gravehaven is a must listen. With the new lineup, Gravehaven has hit local venues hard, playing their breed of high-energy rock wherever and whenever they can. The bands intense emotion and vigorous live performance has been known to grab and hold the attention of every audience member, from the avid music fan to even the most intoxicated regular at the bar.

Their debut EP, Perceptions for the Colorblind, was released on September 19, 2006. Produced by Kris Smith (Dropkick Murphys, Between the Buried and Me) and recorded at the world-class Q Division Studios in Boston, the album delivers six driving, crushing, and epic songs clocking in at just under 28 minutes.

Gravehaven has opened for several national acts, most notably: Only Crime (Bane, Descendants, Hagfish), No Trigger, 10 Years, Sponge, A Wilhelm Scream, American Minor, Whippersnapper, and Big Wig.