Seaford, Delaware, USA


Gravelight emerged from the shadowed woods of Seaford, Delaware in mid-December of 2007. The band was formed by guitarist Brian Cummings, guitarist Ryan Keough, and drummer Jimmy Brittingham. In March of 2008, vocalist Charles Rogers joined the band, bringing a murderous intent to the band's grotesque sound and structure. A few months later, bassist Chuck Craft joined in August of 2008, bringing a devastating and complicated low end assault to the mix. Nate Bowers then joined in May of 2010 shortly after the departure of original guitarist Ryan Keough. He left in November of 2010, which lead to Justin Alvarez filling the spot shortly thereafter.
Gravelight's songs range from macabre ideas of murder and grave robbing to demonic possessions, the living dead, and ghostly encounters. They currently play shows in or around the Delmarva region, including Baltimore, D.C., Philadelphia, and New Jersey. Their five-song EP “This Corpse Ain't Done Yet...” was recorded in 2009 and released in 2010.
Many more shows and the start of a full length record are in store for 2012.


This Corpse Aint Done Yet, EP, 2010