Cottage Rock on a bed of true North molten stone, Matt McKechnie's unique voice and lyrics soothe and soar all at once. Changing soundscapes and genres reflects the chaotic but beautiful view into the massive structure that is Graven.


Graven is something built mostly on inconclusive terms... it is a resounding drip in the depths of a dark cave that gives way to water and light. It is a minuscule bird somewhere in the sky-blue backdrop of a massive wilderness portrait. It is a side project amidst the rest of life. Hopefully some shows, some albums, some success here and there, but I'm realizing that the greatest success that can come from music is the sheer enjoyment and the creative outlet of it all. I used to believe that the best part of playing music would be the fame and celebrity status and legions of fans that would come from it and that some big record label would knight me as their prodigy. Those thoughts are gone, and this disheveled fragmented soul is all that's left. Trying to make some sense of it all. Like it - hate it - be who you are because I'm gonna keep making it.


Self Title (1999)
Pilot Light Out (2005)
Charles Called It...Anthemic (2006)
From Mountainview To Canyon Heart (2008)
Valley Theory (2009)