Graves Light

Graves Light


A little bit of classic rock, modern rock, jazz, blues and heavy metal meshed together to form a band that enjoys every second of making the music they do.


All the band members have been involved with music in some form their entire lives. From classically trained trumpet playing to DJ'ing clubs, the members eat, sleep and breathe music. All the members have different influences, which brings something unique to the table when we all play together.

"GRAVES LIGHT" Came about in June of 07'. When Matt and Paul had met after about 15 years of not seeing one and other. Basically it was an "are you still jamming?" Three days later we had a session, and another, and another when we decided that what we were doing was different and original. That being said... we needed a bass player to fill that little something missing in our work. After about a two months of looking high and low for someone. Ben found us via an ad on the internet. Came down to hear our stuff he was a nice guy and easy going then he blew our minds when he began to play! After that we stumbled upon our singer, Spencer, the same way. With all the band pieces into place we've now begun our aural campaign of bringing original music with a good groove to all those within range! Thanks for checking "GRAVES LIGHT" out and we hope you loved the music! Be sure to tell your friends about Boston's New Sound !!!


In progress.

Set List

All originals:
3000 Miles Away
The Brine
Come Drown With Me
Frayed Ends
Number One Groove
Time Capsule
Your Time Is Up

*Subject To Change