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Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF

Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF
Band EDM


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The Electronica/Trip Hop/Funk band Gravity out of Denver, Co is a MUST see live, however if you can’t get out to the Mile High City just yet, hearing their stuff online is just as satisfying..almost.

One of the reasons I like Gravity so much is their experimental nature. They play around with a number of different genres and like to blend them together to form something completely different. The result is an energy-packed feel good explosion that will have you head bumping all day.

These guys are on the cutting edge for sure. One could easily describe their sound as electro-funk, but then I think they’d be missing out on the bigger picture. Their music ultimately represents a higher form of creative expression that is something all it’s own. It is really an awesome experience that I recommend everyone check out. This band is ILL! - Dante Cullari Founder & CEO Beat-Play LLC

"An instrumental four-piece that incorporates Midi samples/ beats with traditional keys, bass, guitar and live percussion. The music has some elements of hip hop, funk, trance and dub step. They have been called everything from “live electronics” to “future funk.”"
- Summit Daily News

"Awesome, I dig. Too bad you guys are all the way in Denver."

"Good stuff. Some of it kinda reminds me of Herbie Hancock's Rockit, just with the start-stop feel to it."

"This sounds awesome. Let me know when you come to Wisconsin. I like the feel, sounds good."

"Damn guys! I had to go out and find some booty after that funk! real healthy for the ears.
reminds me of some of David Holmes funky stuff from Out of Sight." -


The 303 EP
Fire Sermon



It was a late-winter evening in the Highlands of Denver, Colorado. As the snow fell lazily onto the streets, the members of Gravity were delving deep into some high-tech improvisation. As the jam dissipated into a wall of delays, samples, and synthesizers, a strange light appeared in the sky. So bright, people were drawn out of their neighborhood homes to look. A few pedestrians were overheard describing what they saw as a pulsing purple sphere that seemed to warp time and energy with its mere presence. Suddenly, the light descended directly above the band's practice space. Area residents watched in confusion and horror as the musicians, along with their gear, were lifted up through the light and into the sphere which disappeared into the frigid night sky.

No one saw or heard from them for months. Friends, neighbors, and music fans alike had almost lost hope of ever seeing Gravity again. Then, one day, whispers were heard. The whispers then turned into murmurs. Rumors spread that the sphere had indeed returned and the members of Gravity were brought back. However, something was different now. It was said that while traveling through the inner space plains, secrets in sound, motion, and magnification were shared. A divine moment of truth had taken place. Gravity was transformed into Gravitron.