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Gravity Feed

Dallas, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2007

Dallas, Texas, United States
Established on Jan, 2007
Band Rock Funk


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"Ghostland Takes Over NYE"

Hank Keller of Highland Entertainment appears to have a certain philosophy when it comes to New Year's Eve: GO BIG OR STAY HOME. After putting on last year's successful NYE event at the Fairmont Hotel with the one and only DJ Logic, Mr. Keller decided to take things to a whole new level for this year's extravaganza which was appropriately billed as "Lights all Night." Held inside the beautiful Plaza of the Americas building in downtown Dallas, the sold-out party featured Dallas' own jazzy funk rock outfit Gravity Feed, as well as national artists Archnemesis, Kool DJ Supa Mike, and the up-and-coming Two Fresh. As if that weren't enough entertainment for one evening, the Austin-based dynamic duo Ghostland Observatory was slated to ring in the New Year precisely at midnight. And boy, did they ever.

One of the major attractions going into this night was the venue selection. Folks could choose to go the very affordable General Admission route that allowed them onto the main stage floor area and as close to the music as one could physically get, or they could up the ante and grab a VIP spot offering access to a very choice private room with an open bar and a dance floor that was scorching hot at times. Much of that can be attributed to the filth that Gravity Feed was laying down for all the smiling faces in the crowd. Many in the crowd were already familiar with them as they perform around town at bars and clubs on a consistent basis. Others who had not seen them before seemed to be impressed with the level of musicianship these five guys were mashing out. Another one of the nice things about the music was the diversity of the lineup that provided a little something for everybody out there. Whether your flavor of choice is hip-hop, mash-up, electronic, or the aforementioned in-your-face funk rock, there really was no excuse whatsoever to not get down. And then there was Ghostland Observatory.

Having seen Thomas Turner and Aaron Behrens of Ghostland Observatory perform on New Year's Eve in Dallas at the old Gypsy Tea Room back in 2006, it's been remarkable to see just how much they've grown in the last several years and stunning to witness how massive their live performance has become. From the expansion of their catalog to the addition of a zillion lasers, Ghostland has proved themselves to be a force both nation- and world-wide that simply cannot be reckoned with. As the clock approached midnight, the floor became jam-packed with people eagerly awaiting the countdown and ready to close the books on 2010. The balconies which overlooked the stage were also flooded with people ready to rage. 3,2,1, BOOM! From playing older classics such as "Piano Man," "Heavy Heart," and "Sad Sad City" to tracks off of their newest studio effort Codename: Rondo, the energy in the place never subsided. The effects of the laser beams shooting off of the walls and windows added to the pure insanity of the thing.

If hard-thumping music, outrageously strong vocals, and a visual show that will blow a hole through your head does not float your boat then this was certainly not the event for you. However, judging by the expressions on people's faces and by all of the dancing bodies practically swinging from the rafters, "Lights all Night" was one for the ages. Mr. Keller says that Highland Entertainment will put on an event next NYE that will be "even bigger and better." All we can say to that is: he most certainly has his work cut out for him and that December 31, 2011 can't get here fast enough. - Blitz Weekly

""Lights All Night" NYE in Dallas: Ghostland, Two Fresh, & More"

Fueled by the success of the 2008 & 2009 New Year’s Eve parties, Highland Entertainment is making plans to do it all again as Dallas welcomes 2011. Guests will enjoy an expansive and luxurious setting at the Plaza of the Americas and The Dallas Marriot-City Center Hotel. Holders of a VIP ticket to the party will enjoy top-shelf liquor, champagne, wine, beer, 3 live acts, and 2 DJ’s, and access to private stage and 2 nd story views. Holders of a General Admission ticket will enjoy a cash bar, and mainstage access to the 3 live acts, and 2 DJ’s.

The “feel free to look good” event promises show-stopping elements, including state of the art production, and confetti machines showering guests throughout the night with live dancers and the musical stylings of Ghostland Observatory, Two Fresh, Archnemesis, Gravity feed, and Kool DJ Supa Mike. An exclusive VIP experience, with extended privileges is available for an additional cost.

Tickets to the event are priced at $115 for VIP attendance, with open bar hours from 10 p.m. – 2 a.m. and $49.50 for general admission, for mainstage access from 8:30 p.m. – 2 a.m. Guest rooms at The Dallas Marriot Hotel-City Center for the night of the event are available at a discounted price for a limited time. For more information click here. - Jambase


Gravity Feed - Self Titled EP



As the sounds of towering solos and harmonious melodies intertwine with savvy libretto and the glistening beams of dancing lights, feet begin to shift, mouth corners begin to rise, and hips sway in time with the irresistibility of a funky groove. Eyes, wide open, stare straight ahead only to clench with the climax of each passing phrase, and the edge of the stage transforms into the shoreline of an undulating sea filled with t-shirts, hats, and faces drenched in darkness, periodically broken through by clenched fists attempting reach the ceiling. Time becomes relative until silence, once again fills the empty space momentarily inhabited by the appreciated assembly, who slowly shuffle to the exit, occasionally slipping on the overturned spirit or melted face. The congregation departs from their most recent experience, trumpeting their enthusiasm, vowing to return, and knowing that whether inebriated or not, music was their true intoxicant. 

The tuneful troupe stands behind the curtain, gathering up their electronic ensemble as they prepare to travel onward. A group that once was strangers, but now brethren, striving to achieve definition through musical ambiguity, providing something for all in its pairing of refreshing sound and specific lyrics that are still free for personal interpretation. A quintet whose passion to create, ambition to craft, and desire to share are a reflection of its cumulative attitude. An outfit which comprehends that its succinct existence, on a tiny blue rock passing through the equatorial center of the galaxy, can still become as powerful as the force of its namesake. The band takes a glance to where the ocean of fans once stood, hoping the tide of excitement will rise again with tomorrows adventures, and forges ahead into the unknown a band called Gravity Feed.           

 Listen, and you'll know what we mean.

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