Seattle, Washington, USA

Gravity is a Fender Rhodes trio augmented by moogs, synths, clavinet, piano, and vocoders. We play jazz-based grooves laced with thumping bass and lush keys with hints of drum and bass, afro beat, hip hop, lounge, and electronica. Gravity is also a songwriting and production team.


Gravity is a Seattle based keyboard trio and production team comprised of keyboardist Tim Kennedy, bassist Ian Sheridan, and drummer Claudio Rochat-Felix. Their debut release, Grimy, is an eleven song jazz-based groove record with hints of drum and bass, afro beat, hip hop, lounge, and electronica. It won the 2010 IO award for mixed genre album of the year.

In the last year Gravity has been busy touring the West Coast performing as a three piece, and as a backing band. In addition to being a touring instrumental band, Gravity is also a songwriting and production team. Recent projects include teen rocker Emi Starr’s self titled debut EP, soul singer Eddie’s latest release Eddie and Gravity, studio tracks for Sound on Sound recording artist Becker and Long Live Crime recording artist Jonny Lives.

They are currently preparing to release two EP’s. One will feature New York City MC’s Illspokinn and Rabbi Darkside with beats and production by Gravity, and a second featuring five different vocalists with production and song writing by Gravity.

Gravity has performed with Jason Mraz, Wynton Marsalis, Slick Rick, Adam Duritz, Dave Mathews, Praswell, and John Popper collectively and as individuals.

With collective skills in production, song writing, live performance, improvisation, and engineering Gravity is poised to make their mark in the current pop and jazz market.


The Curse of Don Wong

Written By: Gravity

How is it that you're still in my head?
It's a feeling
of well being.
Why are you not sleeping in my bed?
It's a shame, such a shame.


Gravity - Grimy
Eddie and Gravity - Eddie and Gravity
Emi Starr - With Gravity

Set List

We like to play 90 minute sets but can tailor our sets to any length from 5 minutes to 3 hours or more.