Gravity Hill

Gravity Hill


What the Hell? You don't understand, dawg.


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Da Shit

Written By: sound guy

to make this earth a prettier place (landscaping ), that is if I don't freeze my fucking fingers off.Thanks for all your attachments and wierd musicand helpful hints. Like you said, don't be offended if I slow down on my corresponding, it's all new to me, plus I think I'm about 20 years behind in my gossiping.  What do you two do for Thanksgiving?  We always spend every holiday with Bud, Mimi and Bryan (no woman yet). I'm sure Chuck won't even invite me up, even though Dad will be there.  Chuck hates my fucking guts.  I disgust him.  Actually it's mutual...temporarily. How can anyone be so irresponsible as me..I just wanna know who stuck that stick up his ass!  Write me! love, sis

I just had one of the most inspiring letters ever composed to help pull your miserable head out of those douche bag's asses but I pushed the wrong button and fucked it all up, gone.  So you get the unedited version of the story. You didn't hear from me yesterday because Steve and his lame ass skills got us in to "serious error' and the computer took a major freeze.  For some wild reason it is working fine tonight.  Anyway, my other letter told you how I was going to have to come out there and put those fucking douche bags in a pretzle if they didn't fuck off and mind their own business and how you need to rise above their bullshit and remind them "you have obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a shit"   Don't even waste your precious energy