Gravity Propulsion System

Gravity Propulsion System


Enough spunk and guts to floor a hundred leather-clad garage-rock whimperers. -SplendidMagazine Juggernauts of damaged rock & art noise! -Maritime Fist Glee Club


Beautiful, angst-filled skronk & skree, sturm & drang, piss & vinegar from this Oklahoma City duo-turned-trio. The lineup was recently cemented with Lance Pellegrini on guitar and second drum kit and draws its influences from the unholy waters of Lightning Bolt, Slug, Bad Moon Rising-era Sonic Youth, the more song-oriented Dead C material and other assorted noisicians. With an arsenal comprised of drums, bass, guitar, four amps, three microphones, tape loops and an insane amount of stompboxes, this trio creates a tempest of sound that is reminiscent rather than an imitation of its predecessors, for it springs from the same primitive logic and visceral understanding of the word and of art.


GRAVITY PROPULSION SYSTEM "Poison Rays of Sound" Ascetic Records CD AR010 Released Aug. 2003

GRAVITY PROPULSION SYSTEM "Everything's Wrong" Little Mafia LM036" 10" LATHE EP Released July 2004

Tracks from "Poison Rays of Sound" are in rotation on:
KVSC 88.1FM St. Cloud MN, WUSB 90.FM Long Island, NY, WHFR 89.3 FM Dearborn / Detroit , KBGA 89.9 FM Missoula, MO, WRRG 88.9 FM Triton College, IL, KCPR 91.3 FM San Luis Obispo, CA, WWCD 101.1 FM Columbus, OH, WNUR 89.3 FM Chicago, IL, WXYC 89.3 FM Chapel Hill, NC, WEFT 90.1 FM Champaign, IL , KSCU 103.3 FM Santa Clara, CA, WTPS 99.9 FM Milwaukee, WI, CBC RADIO 2 Montreal Canada, 100 Offener Kanal Oldenburg, Germany, K-FUEL CANAL B 94.00 FRANCE

Set List

A Typical GPS set lasts 24- 35 minutes.

GRAV.PROP.SYS. has been known to occasionally play a cover song. Various songs covered in the past:
"Crack Up" Big Black
"Oddity" The Clean
"Surf Combat" Naked Raygun