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The best kept secret in music


"Oh Baby It's Gravy"

With a name like Gravy, it may not be obvious that this band knows how to rock.
If anything, their name sounds like an old country band with tin cans for drums
and a banjo instead of lead guitar. The fact is that this band is anything but
a southern country band. Instead, they are part of the new age of rockers that
are slowly starting to emerge.

Their second album, Fourteen, was released in 2003. There are tracks that will
have you tapping for hours. They have a style that is somewhat common today- a
combination of rock and alternative. This CD is pure rock and roll and it is
exactly what the music world needs in a society filled with pop and rap. It is
not polite, polished, or bubblegum in anyway, shape, or form. It is raw rock at
its best. The music can be motivational and energetic, something you would not
mind waking up to in the morning. Their vocals are very distinct which leave an
impression on your rockin’ soul that rock is not supposed to be perfect.

Sounding like a mix of The Strokes and The Vines, Gravy’s songs are appealing to
anyone. After listening to their new album, a countless number of times, I
would say that it is the perfect driving CD. Many of the tracks are upbeat and
are the ideal songs for putting the pedal to the metal. Others take it a little
bit slower, which is good for those of us that fail to recognize yellow lights
and yield signs.

"Girlfriend," the first track, has the ability to be radio-worthy. With the
right marketing scheme, this band has the potential to be famous beyond what
Rockwood Records is now offering them. Not only is the music memorable and
alluring, but the lyrics are also humorous.
"I’ve got a guitar, but it popped a string.
I got a drummer, but he wants to sing,
I got a bassman, but he can’t sit still"

Anything that has the potential to make us laugh definitely deserves to have a
place in the music world today.

They are still promoting themselves by playing in clubs around New York City
such as CBGB, Mercury Lounge, Luna Lounge, The Continental, The Elbow Room, Don
Hills and Acme Underground. With each performance, a new crop of Gravy fanatics
is born.

Gravy is based in New York City, attempting to reach the climax of indie music.
As assistant music editor Ben Ohmart said, they "cover all sounds from
Smashing Pumpkins to early Who." With influences like that, no wonder these
rockers have such a charisma and style.

Today’s music has definitely fallen short of greatness. If anything, it is on
the low-end of quality. With more bands like Gravy, that actually play there
own instruments and write their own music, maybe the music world will recover
from this musical depression.
- Manhattan College Quadrangle

"Gravy Fourteen"

Gravy's bouncy rock delivery smacks you in the face with cleverness from the opening lines of "Girlfriend", where the lyric proclaims that the band "got a drummer but he wants to sing". From there, this NYC quartet's straight-ahead, pull no punches brand of rock stays the course by laying down the perfect amount of riffs and heartfelt emotions to knock a few beers back and shoot some pool to. Tracks like the garage rock flare of "Anatomy" and the sad and lonesome feel of "Hollow Place" run the gamut of what goes down at the local watering hole on any given Friday night, speaking out to Gen X'ers in Anywhere, USA. Gravy also display the kind of solid spirit found in the bands like Cheap Trick and Soul Asylum, and even though this outfit can easily be lumped in with tepid acts like Three Doors Down and Matchbox Twenty by possessing similar rock posturing, the hard rocking zeal found on tracks like "New Home" and "Find It" is unmatched by the band's peers, giving Gravy the edge over the usual leftovers.
- Skratch Magazine

"Gravy Fourteen"

The New YOrk City indie band displays a deep propesnity for upbeat modern rock grooves on their latest disc. The quartets hard rocking sound waves are fueled by driving rhythms, edgy guitar riffs and well-placed hooks that keep their musical bibrations pulsating with intensity.

Lead singer Todd Schwartz serves as the band's principal songwriter and his catchy lyrics and powerful vocals are a major component of Gravy's modern rock sound.

Driving rock rhythms fire up the sonic heat waves of the radio friendly modern rocker, Girlfriend, and the band throws some interesting musical change-ups into Loves Song. This outfit loves to rock and they heat up some swirling alternative rushes during New Home and Big Guy. They pump up the tempos for a heavy rock march on Always Remember You, and then dip into softer settings during the ballads Hollow Place and Find It. The musicians inject plenty of action into these slower numbers by diverting into little segments that build up into rising crescendos.

The band journeys into several different shade of rock on this release bu they never lose isght of their straight-ahead approach to the music. The slashing guitar chords, rocketing rhythms and insightful lyrics are somewhat reminiscent of the driving rock sound of Soul Asylum. There is an undercurrent of angst in the melodies and an air of edginees in the riffs, and that is what indie rock is all about. - Revolving Door Music Guide


These local scrunge-rockers are not completely afraid of upbeat hooks; they seem to have picked up as many hints from Third Eye BLind or Sugar Ray as from Creed. Which is more than you can say for some local scrunge-rockers. - Village Voice


Gravy - Self Titled Debut LP
Fourteen - Second LP
Several tracks from Fourteen are receiving significant Airplay throughout the U.S. on College Radio. Gravy was added to over 150 college radio stations in August 2004.


Feeling a bit camera shy


NYC rock-band gravy is releasing their new full-length titled Fourteen on Rockwood Records. The album was recorded with Steve Walsh at Union Street Studios.

Some things, like mashed potatoes or rock n’ roll, just aren’t the same without gravy. Originally formed as a hard rock power trio by singer/songwriter Todd Schwartz (vocals/guitar) in early 2000 with Michael Ray (guitar/vocals), gravy has since fortified its lineup with John Delay on bass (who also plays keyboards for Dido) and Nicholas Schuhbeck behind the drum kit. They have already put out two records, not to mention making a name for them selves playing all over the Big Apple. The new record’s lead track “Girlfriend” lets you know gravy has captured more of their energetic hard-rock up against Schwartz’s catchy, revealing melodies. This is burly pop-rock that refuses to lose its garage sensibility, and will never object to a good party.

The band first gave its NYC style power-pop to the world on their 2001 self-titled debut. The record was co-produced and engineered by Jeff Tomei (Smashing Pumpkins, Hole, Matchbox 20, Jerry Cantrell). Their first single, “New Home”, (also featured on Fourteen) made its radio debut on New York's Q104.3 on the show "Out of the Box," which showcases "unsigned bands you should know." The single from 2003’s Gravy EP also made its debut on Q104.3.

with influences such as the cars, the replacements and a broad spectrum of british and american rock, gravy's driving rock rhythms and soulful live shows have earned them a dedicated fan base in the NYC indie scene. gravy regularly fills downtown NYC clubs, including CBGB, Mercury Lounge, Luna Lounge, Knitting Factory, the Continental, Don Hills, Sin-e and Acme Underground with a dedicated local fan base. The buzz is strong and growing...