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The best kept secret in music


"BONES | Gravy | Road Kill Recordings 2004"

By far one of the better debut releases I've heard this year. 'BONES' from the L.A. based, GRAVY is a thick serving of rock and roll that goes downs smooth and sticks to your ribs. GRAVY features, Mark Knight formerly of BANG TANGO on guitars/lead vocals, Mark Tremalgia on guitars and vocals, Rodney "Rocc" Thomas on bass and vocals, Jon Biggs on drums and Erik Szabo on keyboards. As soon as you hit play, GRAVY come out swinging with the bare knuckled rocker, "Lighten My Load". From there, it's non-stop rocking with tracks like, "Monkey Boy", "Dirty Dog" and the funked blues mover, "Show Me What Your Made Of". One of the albums highlights is, "Scared", a laid back mover that just blew me away. Mark Knight's vocals really shine on this as well as Mark Tremalgia's hypnotizing slide guitar work. AWESOME! What impressed me the most about GRAVY, aside from writing great rock and roll songs, is the chemistry the band has. The same kind of chemistry that bands like, Gov't Mule or Cry Of Love have. My hat goes off to Mark Knight for putting together one hell of a band. Heads up rockers and rollers! Do yourselves a favor and get your hands on 'BONES'. This is one album that is going to be getting serious playing time on my player and one album that I would not hesitate in recommending. COME GET SOME!
- All Access Magazine

"2004 : Gravy - Bones"

So, are you into laid back tunes that do rock in the vein of the Rolling Stones, Steely Dan with the modern flavor kicked in? Then I have the CD for you, it is the debut release from the Southern California band Gravy and the CD is entitled Bones. You may know Mark Knight, former guitarist for Bang Tango and now the guitarist/singer of Gravy, which is a totally different role for Mark given the music. Having witnessed Gravy live a few times I knew what to expect from this disc once I received it. I have a wide array of tastes so this fit in with the disc rotation I usually keep in my disc changer. I find this to be a true step back in time BUT at the same time contemporary enough to find fans in lovers of newer rock. I really do appreciate what I am hearing, this is a great effort and it is such a pleasure to replay this CD over and over again. Mark, who is fully credited with all but one of the songs, put together a collection of songs that really puts you in another place with his soulful vocals and smooth guitar lines. The band, which includes Mark Tremalgia on guitars, Rocc on bass, Jon Biggs on drums and Erik Szabo, are way beyond competent in the skills department and they back Mark Knight very well. Again if you appreciate bands like Steely Dan, Rolling Stones, The Black Crows, stuff along those lines but a few steps further, then this band is for you.
- Jeffrey Easton, Metal-Exiles

"GRAVY | Bones | Road Kill Records RKR-111"

Anyone out there remember Bang Tango? Thought not. I vaguely remember a funky rock band of that name, but it may have been just a dream. Regardless of this, they did exist, and their main singer and songwriter (and guitarist) Mark Knight is the driving force behind Gravy, with ‘Bones’ the fruit of his labours. Clocking in with an impressive fifteen tracks, ‘Bones’ is more laid back than I expected, packing a good seventiesesque vibe, overlaid with a good bit of funkiness and a fair share of splifftastic melodies.
If you’re into bands like The Black Crowes then Gravy will definitely entertain. Throw in a bit of the Chillis, and of course the magic ingredient of creativity, and you get a very entertaining album that’s not in much of a hurry to get anywhere. This is not to say that ‘Bones’ is just another stoner album, cos it’s not. There are plenty of meaty riffs alongside the more placid tunes, and the likes of ‘What’s It To Ya’ and ‘Elevate’ will have you air guitaring away, with the latter really bringing the Crowes to mind with a simple rock and roll riff that never gets old.
So, if you’re after something a little bit funkier than the rest, with songs to dance to as well as songs to get totally stoned to, this is one for you. Mark Knight and his cohorts have made an album to be proud of.
- Alan Holloway, Hard RoxX, UNITED KINGDOM

"GRAVY - Bones"

The mere mention that former Bang Tango members Mark Knight and Mark Tremalgia are the driving force behind this Southern California based quintet, was enough to get this scribbler’s attention.
Though Bang Tango were quickly lumped in with the rest of the 80’s hair bands by most of the press, they were a far more intelligent and darker entity than most of the bands that operated on LA’s Sunset Strip and on top of that they were one of the first rock bands to incorporate funk into their sound.
Mister Knight left the original BT line-up in the early 90’s only to be replaced by Mark Tremalgia and now the two of them have joined forces in Gravy, a band solely put together for playing music that comes from the heart.
Gravy’s sound is for the most part a tribute to classic 70’s rock bands such as Led Zeppelin and Free with a dose of funk thrown in at regular intervals.
There are 15 songs on offer here of which lead-off track ”Lighten My Load” (by far the rockiest cut of the bunch), “Monkey Boy” (check out the great Hammond B-3 sound on this one), the funky groove of “In Deep”, the feel good vibe of ”What’s It To Ya” and the emotionally filled acoustic sounds of “One Time Around” are recommended listening to anyone who wants to try before they buy.
Production wise everything is kept to a minimum but that, along with the tasty guitar work, Mark’s song writing ability and warm vocals, is one of the album’s strong points.
To be honest I have to admit I had to give the album a couple of spins before it started sinking its claws into me but once it does you too will agree that it was worth the extra effort.
- Peter Schoonooghe - The Rock Report

"GRAVY “Bones” Road Kill Records"

Seventies rock never sounded sweeter. In fact, the band will remind you of Stillwater from the movie Almost Famous in sound and look. Gravy are not just a casual throw-back to a classic era but they time-travel with respect and admiration. Check out the Steely Dan approach on “Brown Baggin’ It (Get Together)” and the ‘70s funk of “Show Me What You’re Made Of” off their debut record Bones.

The five-piece is led by Bang Tango guitarist Mark Knight however, this incarnation has very little to do with the sleaze metal/funk that brought Bang Tango to the limelight. Gravy focus on elevating the musical roots of Led Zeppelin (Scared), Stones, Frampton - even bringing back a serious respect for the Hammond B-3 played by Erik Szabo.

It’s obvious the band is having a good time with songs like “In Deep”, “Monkey Boy” and anti-drug dealer “Dirty Dog". Yet, the emphasis on hook and groove dominates all 15-tracks. Standouts include “What’s It To Ya”, a personal favorite “Lighten My Load” the Foreigner-inspired foot-stomper “Elevate” and “Stand Me Up”. Ballad-friendly “Eye To Eye” keeps the harmonies tight and lustrous leaving just enough room for guitarist Mark Tremalgia to drop in a poignant solo. Check out “One Time Or Another” to hear the real acoustic side in the band.



Debut CD: "BONES", released in 2004 (Road Kill Recordings). Available on i-Tunes, CD Baby, Tower Records dot-com, and Amazon dot-com.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Although the band is influenced by many of the great rock bands of the 1970's, GRAVY has carved their own unique sound. There are blazing guitars, classic guitar solo's as well as brilliant slide-guitar work, and a steady rhythm section, all serving as a perfect backdrop to Mark Knight's passionate vocals.